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Rhianna  i_love_ben 7 1394 over a year ago
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HOTTEST REMIXESS EVER!!  xhiphopgrlyx 0 1152 over a year ago
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Pregnant?  ky02121 3 1292 over a year ago
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let's accept the truth  enca 3 1099 over a year ago
OUR amor FOR ALL THINGS RIHANNA!  golddigger0707 2 1957 over a year ago
now thats what i call música teste with rihanna perguntas  rubyroo21 0 904 over a year ago
Acoustic Disturbia  Irockhard 0 2371 over a year ago
M y fã site :)  rihannaforever 0 857 over a year ago
u think for rihanna....  enca 0 1216 over a year ago
ah rihanna hot  nerdly00 0 949 over a year ago
i ment befriEnd not befrind  nerdly00 0 1236 over a year ago
plz don't stop your music!!!!!!!!!  nerdly00 0 747 over a year ago
amor you!!!  nerdly00 0 1013 over a year ago
im a fã of urs!!!!!!  Roxalina 0 851 over a year ago
Will u pleas be my fã cause im urs!!!!!!!!!  Roxalina 0 1016 over a year ago
CONCERT!!!***  drottning 2 845 over a year ago
chris brown  jackluva06 2 1315 over a year ago