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of course i had done no damage to him at all. but my knuckles were bleeding.
"renesmee carlie cullen, i amor you and i can't live without you." jacob said
"jake i amor you and i always will amor you. i hope you know that on acount of my bleeding fist, your not on the best terms with me right now. why don't you go início and call me later because i honestly don't know if i can deal with this right now." i said
"nessie, before i go i need you to tell me why you would ever do that for me."
"jacob black, all's i can tell you is that i amor you and i have no idea why i would...
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CHAPTER 1: Bella and Edward.

"Mom, I want to see Jacob," I whined.

"He'll get here when he gets here," my mom bella replied cleaning up the humongus closet. I amor mom and dads closet, i want one just like it, i thought. Then I heard someone knock on the door.

"JACOB!"I screamed as I ran to the door.

When I opened the door I rapped my arms around his neck and gave him a big hug. He hugged me back.

"hey nessie," he said smiling.

"How was your morning," I giggled.

"ok, Sam can get really bossy though," he said.

"haha, well you wanna take a walk," I asked.

"yeah, sure," He replied.

"Yay!, wait here one...
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Hi, this is the 17th chapter of My True Love. Some of you may have not read it, if you havent then please read on, but you might want to go and check out the others first (they are all on my page) the next-and last!- chapter will be posted in a few days so, keep and eye out and I hope you enjoy!
Love Twilightsauce

We had all come here for a picnic today, in the meadow, because it was a sunny day. We were all here the whole pack and all of the Cullen’s. The meadow was deserted and it looked peaceful and serene with arco iris, arco-íris spots dancing around.
Nessie was heavily pregnant and our baby was due...
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