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 Nessie pulling a funny face for the camera
renesmee carlie cullen
renesmme carlie cullen
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This renesmee carlie cullen fotografia might contain retrato, headshot, close up, and closeup.

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Iam so made I had it really long then I hit a button and it all disappeared!!:(
Math class
Renesmee's POV

Miss Smith our math teacher is very stupid,she uses a calculator for ever thing,My dad just says 'not every one is as smart as you',Me and Riley text all hour.At my mesa, tabela I sit with Gabe,the estrela football player who is very smart,has really beautiful eyes and has ever girl drool over him.Well Ricky has lots of girls flirt with him and it bugs me.

My phone vibrated,which Means I got a new Text-
She is so freakin stupid,no wonder she has no husband-Riley
I giggle,Gabe...
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Renesmee's Pov

One ano Later...

We haven't seen any Volturi this year,I think Mags must of scared them to death,every one told me how mouthy and pissed of she was,she has the most reasons to hate them,killing her vampire parents and kidnapping us.She has the rights to be mad.Iam glad were início and safe.

"Grampa,I want chocolate ice cream,"Eric said

"I want morango Grampa,"Jazmin said

"I want Vannila and pickles Dad"I said and rubbed my tummy which was pretty big,Jake made a gagging sound,I glared at him

"Muma that's gross"Jazmin said,we were all sitting around the mesa, tabela with the family,dad was...
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Note-I don't know if I will write it yet but here's what it will be about.


Have you ever had to pick between 3 people you love..

Here's my story...

Jake the werewolf,that has inprinted on me,since the first time he seen me,Ive had him in my life live since birth, we've been best friends till I got older and started to like him mais than that.I thought we would be together forever,get married,have kids and Live forever... until...

I met,Ricky,he's just like me(meaning half Vampire/human),Has dark brown hair with Green eyes,Jake was away for the summer on lobo business.So...
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