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posted by PrettyQueen0_0
"This is the best movie" you might say. Well cadastrar-se this fã club and see why you should favor this movie and write perguntas and articles.
I am a movie watcher, and when you come to me asking about a movie i doubt that I wont know what happend!
Most people dont like army movies...some people dont at ALL like army movies.
Some people like nerdy movies...we all like different movies- but this movie changes your mind completly.
I am a fã of every moviE I watch and there was never a dia where I never felt satisified por a movie.
If you go to lots of malls, and you live in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Detroit, Toledo, Hawaii, Las Vegas, or Chicago..there just "might" be a chance you might've seen me!
Listen "movie lovers" I am just here to tell you why this is rated/voted the best movie of 2012...
Red Tails was inspired por anyone you could possibly want to be inspired by...
This movie is basiclly about army.
Melissa Dimarco talks about who showed who the money when making Red Tails - just how much of that $100 million budget did Cuba get from George Lucas?
cuba gooding jr
red tails