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This ray ray (mindless behavior) fotografia might contain boina verde, forças especiais, soldado de elite, soldado de elite de boina verde, forças especiais, farda, regimentais, and uniforme.

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Rayray:Kayla I need to ask you something
Rayray:can we have a baby
Kayla:yea (then they do what humans do)
seguinte dia on the tour bus

oi everybody me and raio, ray have some news
Everyone: what is it
Kayla:I'm prego
Everyone:say what
Everybody:yay yay yay
Then the baby born Sept.7 2013
His name is rayan lopez Jr
Kayla and ray:welcome home!!!!!
Prod,roc,Princeton :congrats!
Walter,Keisha &kenneth:congrats
Rayray&kayla:thanks guys you rock!!!

I think this will never happen
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posted by RayRaycutie
my pov
i was always knwn as the geek/popular girl. idk y thgh!
half the time im a geek 4 being smart
othr times popular cuz im pretty
pretty n smart, u dnt see tht evryday
my life waz going okay until one day

teacher-okay class, meet a new student Raymond
Chrystal-THTS NOT RAYMOND THTS raio, ray RAY!!!
all girls xcept me-*runs up 2 him crowding around him*
ray-uh xcuse me?
me-*looks up frm science book tht im studying* yeah?
ray-is sumone sitting here?
ray-mkay *sits dwn in assento beside me* so wats ur name?
me-Mariah amor (ths is a fake name)
ray-im Raymond
me-i knw ur frm mb am i suppose 2 be screaming?
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