aleatório Which Phobia do you have?

Pick one:
Altophobia - Fear of high places
Antlophobia - Fear of floods
Apiphobia - Fear of Bees
Arachnephobia - Fear of spiders
Bogyphobia - Fear of the bogeyman
Trypanophobia - the fear of injections
Catoptrophobia - Fear of mirrors
Chiraptophobia - Fear of being touched
Cleithrophobia - Fear of being locked in an enclosed place
Cynophobia - Fear of cachorros
Demonophobia - Fear of demons
Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia - Fear Of the Number 666
Lygophobia - Fear of darkness
Merinthophobia - The fear of being tied up
Odontophobia - Fear of teeth or dental surgery
Pediophobia - Fear of bonecas
Coulrophobia - Fear of clowns
Ichthyophobia - Fear of peixe
Melophobia - Fear or hatred of música
Mottephobia - Fear of moths
Ombrophobia - Fear of rain or of being rained on
 FutureDancer posted over a year ago
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