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aleatório Will you cadastrar-se the bubble eye goldfish club??? Please???

13 fans picked:
No way!
No way!
Totally! :D (this is a picture of one)
What&# 39; s a bubble eye goldfish?
What's a bubble eye goldfish?
Possibly... let me ponder it.
Possibly... let me ponder it.
 DisneyFan333 posted over a year ago
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No way!
adultswimperson picked No way!:
You made this into a question and barely got any supporters, are you trying to make yourself look like a fool?
Bitch, I ain't got time for that!
posted over a year ago.
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misscrazel picked Totally! :D (this is a picture of one):
Awesome! I love bubble eyed goldfish!
posted over a year ago.
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