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life lesson
It all started back in November of 2013 - I finally received a new cellphone, a Nokia Lumina 520, and along with it, I finally got my own Email account and password.
While it was nice having those, I didn't really use them, not even to make a facebook account. However, in natal of that year, while watching some YouTube videos, it suddenly dawned on me: I could use the Email and password to create my own google account and comment on YouTube videos. I liked leitura other people's comments (When they were not rude.) and I wanted to do it, myself.
After creating my google account, I immediately...
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Source: The 53 Worst imagens for Trypophobics (Fear of Holes)
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 Episode 2 is here!
Episode 2 is here!
Welcome back mates! In case you missed the first episode, here's a quick recap of what this artigo series is all about.

In the last episode, the debut of this show, I thought up five crazy and aleatório scenarios that I thought would make for entertainingly cringy headlines for Newspapers and/or YouTube videos, and asked you all for ideas in the comments section below! That's also how this show will be running from now on, so if you like this series, then don't forget to fã and leave a comment below on what you guys and gals want me to create in the seguinte episode!

And with that being said, let's...
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This list is about the characters from Johnny Depp's Alice in Wonderland films. The 2010 and 2016 Alice films have various enjoyable characters. Everybody on the list except for the topo, início 2 is in alphabetical order. I hope you enjoy the list and feel free to mention your favorito characters from the 2010 and 2016 Alice films.

Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire Cat was briefly a rival of the Hatter, but the Cheshire Cat turned out to be a useful and amusing character. Also he has a nice voice.


In anterior versions of Alice in Wonderland the Dormouse was a sleepy guy, but the Dormouse is a heroic...
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Sir Pham turned around, as he then got knocked over. Sir Pham shot magic at them, but missed.

Sir Pham stood, laughing his head off, “you brats trying to destroy me? You will be destroyed if you even try me! And too bad! Your magical friends are dead! So is Cameron!”

Sam gaped at him, suddenly realizing that all the magical creatures had been killed. They were all innocent animals, just trying to protect Cameron, and now they were dead, because of him.
“You won’t get away with this!” Sam yelled, opening her wings.

She flew high above Sir Pham. “I bet you can’t...
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Source: Puss In Boots
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Source: Puss In Boots
How do I become sarcastic?
"I'm the queen of sarcasm, you don't just suddenly become sarcastic, it takes practice"

My house is on fire, what do I do?
"You get off the fuckin computer and go outside!"

My brother hasn't had his period:
"Yeah. It takes longer for boys"

What's an appropriate site for a 13 ano old girl?
"Try Porn-Hub"

Can you get pregnant from watching porn?
"Only on wednesdays"

Every time I drink alcohol I feel sad.
"Your not drinking ENOUGH of of it!"

I was having sex with my sister and got a cramp in my leg.

Why are bebês ugly at first?
"How about you...
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posted by FloraorStella
Here's a guide on what to do now that America is fucked up. Although, to be honest, it would be as fucked up if Clinton was POTUS, as well. Neither of the candidates were very good to start with, unfortunately. Anyway, here's what you should do.

1. Change Your Name to Jeff

So you can go, "My name's Jeff," if anyone asks for your name.

2. Go to a Drive-through

To relieve yourself of all the stress. Order a milkshake while you're at it.

3. Cuss Out Everyone on Twitter

How satisfying is this, tbh?

4. Write a fanfiction on Trump and Clinton Rated R

Someone should do it.

If anyone's seriously considering...
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posted by deathding
Hello fellow Fanpoppers, it's Deathding again! And today, I wanted to try something different. To get to know you guys, and maybe find some cool stuff out about each other.

Basically, this artigo will be a list of questions, and I'd like you folks (if you want, obviously) to answer as many as you want in the comments below. Whether it be none, five, or even all of them, anything really goes.

You can be just as personal as you want with these, so if you don't feel comfortable about one of the questions, then just skip it.

I know this seems pretty out of nowhere, and it may get little to no attention...
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