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Repost with my new favorito characters because for some reason this one got removed??? Like I searched for it because I was planning on making another artigo like this but I couldn't find this one.

I had good fun making my silly ‘how my favorito characters would hold out in a zombie apocalypse’ article, so I decided to make another about how each would do in a horror movie. It is kind of vague as there‘s a vast many types of horror movies. So the characters won’t be as closely connected to one another as in the last one—characters A and B will interact with character C mais than characters...
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Before this begins, most of you know me here as COLA. Hi. A bit about me: 20 years old and only getting older, música lover, horror story fanatic, friendly person in general and overall, I'm nice to people. TOO nice to people. So allow me to get this off of my chest.

Now moving, I'm going to tell you about this disgraceful dick eating mongrel minded lack luster piece of shit of a human being that was supposed to be a "friend". We'll just call this cunt inflatable Jeff with one f. Jef.

Now see, me and Jef go way back, and when I mean way back I'm talking almost 8 years. And...
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Note: I own nothing. All credit goes to Dreamworks animation and Netflix.

Tip = Rachel Crow.

Oh = Mark Whitten

Lucy Tucci = Ana Ortiz.

Die - Ann = Grey Griffin. ( Unknow.)

Kyle = Matt L. Jones.

Sharzod = Ron Funches.

Pom Pom = Kelly Donohue.

Smek = Nolan North

Slushious = Anna Konkle

Backrounds: Ryan Crego, Nika Futterman and Tom Kenny.

Enjoy! Want a cast list? Comment!🍭

I will post Home, the film, cast soon on the Dreamworks club.

The full background boices are coming soon.
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