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Look guys, I'm really sorry about how I overreacted to Fanpop's many changes earlier. I was just angry that my computer was slow, and I overreacted. For that I'm really sorry.

XxKeithHarkinxX, I'm especially sorry to you. I know we've had a few disagreements here and there, but this pushed me to my limit, and again, I overreacted because nobody would listen to me about my computer issues. I want to just patch up the hole and be friends. If you don't, that's cool, just know that I'm sorry.

I'm also sorry to Fanpop.... I wouldn't give the new format a chance. I hope my apology can pay for everyone...
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posted by adaug
May 14th.
today was... FUN!We had a track and field dia at school. Thats when (for the whole day) you gotta do activities and some with WATER!!! I GOT DRENCHED!!!
A lot has gone on i have a youtube account:
link. I got on fanpop again! FINALLY!! You might know my friend Shada? Well... after school SHE'S COMING BACK TO OKLAHOMA!!!!AHHH!!YAY!!!I MISSED HER!!!
I Have a Facebook.
I have until Friday till school's over!!!! Then I'll be on a lot more.
Who's ready for summer!!???
And my friend,Emma, and I had a little warhead challenge. Numb,still.
I went to her place and a brat named Aleaha is always being a brat! So now she isn't bothering us anymore. Ha.
So.. how's YOUR life going?
I never thought i would end up like this.Alone dying and not being able to care for my brother.Running away from gaurds into the alley or our so called home.We never left the city border but my brother dreams of it when he grows up so he can care for me."Brother it's ok"I said giving him half of the warm soft loaf of bread.My brothers hand shook while he reachout ands grabbed the pão and slowly nibbled every last piece of it.As he and i listed the reasons why would should go to heaven and so far we came up with one reason hat both of us were suffering with."Dear god keep us alive for at least...
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Joey = Nobody Panic. We've got cook books. If you can read English, you can cook. For Instance. Basic pão stuffing, melt one third cup of manteiga in a heavy skillet.
Danny = That's easy. On a stove,right?
Jesse = No, no. We stick manteiga on a rocket ship and send it to the sun.

Joey = Good Morning! How you guys doing? It's great to be alive. happy Thanksgiving,Buddy!
Jesse = Why can't you wake up grumpy and grouchy like normal people?

Michelle = You got it, dude.

Michelle = I hope I'm getting paid for this.

Michelle = But he tempted me with Ice cream!!!!
Becky = Jesse!!!!
Michelle = And it had sprinkles, and a cherry!!!

Joey = Freeze! I have a baby and I know how to use it.
Jesse = Joey!
Joey = I'm warning you, she's loaded.

Jesse = Have Mercy!

DJ = Uncle Jesse, there's a girl here to see you. This one's great
Jesse = That must be my new violão, guitarra student.
DJ = Yeah,right.
posted by chillyneon
I'm sorry if one of these shows are still one of your favoritos it's my opinion not yours :P

1 = Icarly
2 = Victorious
3 = How To Rock
4 = Degrassi
5 = Team UmiZoomi
6 = Dora The Explorer
7 = Big Time Rush
8 = So Random
9 = A.N.T farm
10 = Hanna Motanna
11 = Secret Mountain Fort Awesome
12 = Pair Of Kings (some episodes)
13 = Bucket And Skinner
14 = Dance Academy

Sorry if you like any of these shows. I just dont like them!!! It's my opinion, MINE.

Here are some aleatório words to make my artigo longer
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posted by 90sfan
Take this teste to find out if you're "out of the ordinary".

1.You forgot your homework at início and your teacher wants to know why.You say:
A."I forgot it." B."My pet dragon had bebês on it."

2.Uh-oh.Your dad accidently locked you out of the house...AGAIN.What do you do?
A.You try to call him from downstairs. B.You get out you're trusty spoon and attempt to dig a hole through the wall.

3.A dog starts to talk to you.You...
A.Run away,screaming. B.Start to break-dance for no reason.

4.For creative composição literária class,your essay is about...
A.Snowboarding. B.Giant wrestling mice.

5.You're walking into the store.You...
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posted by cubsfanjoe13
I thought about using actual minor gods, but I could not find any, so I made some up.
Prane was good at disguises. Walking down Fifth Avenue, he was wearing mortal clothes and walking like a mortal. Quickly. To the Empire State Building. Olympus. He zoned out, looking at peoples auras that tell what they are. He saw two people with a little bit of one of the gods blood in them. Maybe their ancestors were demigods. Then he saw the demigod, who was maybe in his early twenties. He realized that they were brothers at that moment. They were both children of Ares, although Prane was a full god....
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posted by Irk_Invader_Eve
Are there even true friendship until now?
por Secret Irken Invader Eve

Friendship. It is a word that is ALMOST a myth.

Friendship starts with a friend.
A friend gives you happiness and loyalty.
A friend is meant to make a promise.
A promise which is that he or she will never turn his or her back on you...... Or betray you.

But that friend suddenly breaks that promise.
Turns its back on you and stick its self to greed.

You cannot trust so much in this type of timeline.
You can never again.

He/she will leave you disappointed and let you down.

Why should you look for someone else like He is not enough.
He who created you,
Loved you,
Cared for you.

Why look for somebody else
When you have God with his amor all wrapped around you.

1. Examine the software packaging until you find a little printed box that explains what kind of computer system you need to run the software. It should look something like this:

719.7 MB FREE DISK o espaço
3546 MB RAM
432323 MB ROM

NOTE: This software will not work on your computer.

2. Open the software packaging and remove the manual. This will contain detailed instructions on installing, operating, and troubleshooting the software. Throw it away.

3. Find the actual software,...
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Name something a blind person might use - A sword

Name a song with moon in the título - Blue suede moon

Name a bird with a long neck - Naomi Campbell

Name an occupation where you need a torch - A burglar

Name a dangerous race - The Arabs

Name an item of clothing worn por the 3 musketeers - A horse

Name something that floats in the bath - Water

Name something you wear on the de praia, praia - A deckchair

Name something Red - My cardigan

Name a famous cowboy - Buck Rogers

A number you have to memorize - 7

Something you do before going to cama - Sleep

Something you put on walls - Roofs

Something in the garden that's green...
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posted by Phyrasa_Fire
North, where the fires burn...
West, where the trio beckons...
East, início for the spirits...
South, for freezing waters...

If you say this at the topo, início of a blurb for a book, would you be interested enough to read on and then perhaps BUY the book?

I'm just wondering, coz I made this up and I thought it sounded cool, in a bookish way.

Also, what do they make you think of?

What I mean is, if you only read this, what would you think the book was about?

Ignore my paragraphing, I know it isn't good.
posted by Invincible321
Everyone strives to be beautiful. But, honestly, what is beautiful? Beautiful used to be someone who was loving, who was caring and had a beautiful heart. Someone who told the truth but never hurt others. Someone who never got caught up in gossip or drama. Someone who, no matter what was happening in their life, was always there for someone else who had it worse. Now, beauty has big boobs, is stick-thin and wears 5 lbs. of make up. Now, beautiful is someone who has name-brand clothes, the best phone and tons of friends. Beautiful is a 'perfect' body. Beautiful is photo-shopped long lashes and clear skin. Now, beauty doesn't matter what's on the inside. I wish we could all go back to when beautiful was our moms sitting on the sofá with us in pajamas, no make up, when we were five. I miss those days. This is a sick, messed up world. And I can't stand it.
posted by britishboy
 as a human
as a human
a boy named Christan was at a special place he took his phone he didn't know until now. Now Christan is living Different lives. with light and school but what he doesn't know is what will happen in the future its a journey in a matter of life and death but Christan is missing out on school can he stop and leave from heaven but Christan remembers that his mom said, once Anointed you can stay and use your powers to Erase you when you wanna come down you cane put them in and go. so he fights its long a long way down but Christan doesn't stop he goes and sees God. there halo shines but this works God helped. now. Christan goes but wait he cant use his powers again. to finish read book two buh-bye
 as an angel
as an angel
posted by koolamelia
1. The Spell for the Dark Mark "Morsmorde" means Take a Bit out of death in French.

2. Rupert Grint, the actor who plays Ron Weasley owns his own ice cream but cannot legally sell ice creams because he doesn't feel like doing the paper work

3. During filming one of the breakfasts at Hogwarts, Daniel Radcliffe gave all his bacon, toucinho to a 10 ano old because he wa sick of having to eat it again and again.

4. Crookshanks is part Kneazle so he can sniff out anyone suspicious.

5. Demetors don't breed, they grow in damp, dark places.

6. To get into The Ministry Of Magic you have to dial 62442 to get...
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posted by numnumyellow67
Here is a story of what happened when I went with my Mum to the place prom was going to be.

I was there with my two older sisters, and a guy came up to change the trash bags.
"Hey, we should stalk him and see what he does", my segundo eldest sister said.
She was kidding, but I didn't care.
"Time to commence mission 118", I said into my wrist watch that didn't exist.
I followed him into a room down the hall, well I didn't go in. If I did he would have saw me for sure, so I hid around the corner.
He came out and walked past me, standing seguinte to a mural atuação casual.
I followed him out into a different...
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posted by XxKeithHarkinxX
i was leitura this artigo called Ten things I want to tell teenage girls

and one of them is...Stop saying things like, “I don’t care what anyone thinks about me.” First of all, that’s not true. And segundo of all, if it is true, you need a perspective shift. Your reputation matters – greatly. You should care what people think of you. I MEAN MY GOD!

I don't care what other people think of me, and I’m doing great in life! when people start to care what other people think they care to much about their looks, and they forgot to be themselves! sorry I just HAD to say something.

I think every girl, or anyone really, should be themselves not matter what!
posted by xboxrocksx45
you just shut the door i fell like mais when you say i'm shy i cry saying why? why? do you make sure to amor me even though i'm shy do you ever ever ever think to try? do you think of me? when you say shy shy shy i say why and i'll sit and think about waiting when you say hi well than you won't be mine! yes this is amor but does it hurt? when i cry? when you say shy and i know it's true but i'm alright i and i amor you! why would say means things why would you say the stuff that stings why would you say that word when i know you much? i don't think i would be with you if i knew a thing or two about your life you backstabbing faca i trusted you and yet you still flew without me
posted by penguin098
Congratulations. You’ve worked up the nerve to ask the girl out and she said yes. You’ve convinced her you’re worth a shot. It is the night of your first encontro, data and you’re terrified of messing up. You’re not sure how to impress the girl. Well, thankfully you’ve found this guide, written por me, a girl.

Step one: Before
•Clean up before hand, no one wants a guy with greasy hair and an unappealing smell
•Don’t put on too much cologne. A little bit is fine but a lot quickly becomes repulsive. A tip: any amount of “Ax” is too much
•Come up with some ideas for conversations to smooth...
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Here is a aleatório game I saw online. Just think of aleatório ways you can kicked out of Wal-Mart
(Don't try this for real life!)

1) Take all of the drinks you can find and open them up, spilling them onto the ground

2) (my friends do this, they are so stupid!) Go up to aleatório people, touch them, and say "Tag, your it!" and run

3) Run through the store yelling, "Virgin alert! Virgin alert! All men periscopes down!"

4) Run around the store and hide between displays, clothes, and aisles cantar the mission impossible theme song

5) hide in the clothing rackets and when people come over to check the cloths...
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