If you want pictures, read the version on my club, I deleted them all..


So Zorin is the first villlain I personally HATE.. That's right, even mais than Major.. It's hard for me to deeply hate villains. But there's something about this cadela, puta that rubs me the wrong way. I was so excited to see her in action, and she's basically cheating. Fucking with your mind.. So yeah. She's number one for mais "personal" reasons.. But even than, someone who makes Seras revist a memory like THAT, clearly dserved that fucked up death she got.. Honestly, even I found that a bit disturbing. And I already went on about my feelings to Zorin..


Personally, I am the only one to kinda like Micah.. Red Dead 2 literary WANTS you to hate him. But he's just so entertaining.. But lets talk about him. Obvious, spoilers ahead..

TV Tropes can describe him way better than I could. Spo I'll repost what they say..

"At first appearing to be nothing mais than a cruel thug, Micah displays just how evil he is after he's arrested for murder in Strawberry. Once broken out of jail, Micah forgoes a clean getaway to go on a killing spree, culminating in the murder of an old friend and the man's wife, all so he could retrieve his favorito gun. por the time his rampage is over, half the town is dead, and Arthur morgan is enraged they caused so much death and destruction for such a petty reason. Throughout the game, Micah takes advantage of Dutch's eroding sanity to act as the devil on his shoulder, spurring him on to commit mais immoral and destructive acts. Far from viewing the rest of the gang as his surrogate family, Micah sells them out to the Pinkertons, nearly resulting in the deaths of everyone in the gang, including the non-combatants. When his treachery is exposed, Micah casually kills Miss Grimshaw and, depending on the player's actions, may personally murder Arthur morgan as well. The epilogue shows Micah has gone even crazier, as he's murdered an entire family, tried to kill one of his henchmen when he objected to Micah killing a little girl, and promises to kill John Marston's wife and child."

Even in death, Ross finding his body is what leads to Red Dead 1.. Micah is certain to leave you with the greatest "FUCK YEAH, AWESOME!" When you go into dead eye, and shoot down that prick down..


As a fã of GTA 5. I honestly find it hard to find Simon scary. As anytime he freaks out, all he does is act mais and mais like a real life Trevor Phillps.

But lets be real.. Simon might be WORSE than Trevor. Sure he might be smarter. But Simon has no loyalty.. It's easy to forget. But techinally, Trevor never betrayed them. Michael lied to Trevor, and Trevor himself felt hurt por this..

It's revealed Simon is far mais trigger happy than Negan. Yes, NEGAN.. So. That kinda speaks for itself..

I'll miss you Simon :)