So, this a piece of old shit that I actually forgot I even wrote. It was supposed to be like a prequel chapter thingy to this story I've been working on even since... 2007. The idea for said story came to me in 2006, but I began composição literária this shit the seguinte year. And low and behold, I give you: Cringe

If any of you are easily traumatized por cringy shit, please look away in 3, 2, 1...

Chapter 0: Before The Adventure

August 2nd 2102 at 6:00 pm.
Five years before the adventure began, 12-year-old Devin was just getting home, riding on his black skycycle. Devin wore a black shirt, with black pants.
It wa sunny outside, as Devin arrived at his house.
He lowered his skycycle down to the front yard of his 3-story house. He deactivated the vehicle, and put it in his pocket. As he was walked to the front door, he got a strange feeling someone was behind him. So he turned around. But no one was there. He headed threw the door, and his parents were sitting on the couch, waiting for him to get home.
"Where have you been?" his mother asked.
"Nowhere...." he added.
His parents got up from the couch, and his father walked up to him.
"Devin, hurry up and get ready, we're going to church," he said.
Devin walked up the stairs, and said, "Forget it--I'm not going."
He headed to his bedroom door, and his mother followed him.
"We're your parents, and when we say you're going, you're going," she said.
He ignored her. He opened his door, and then slammed it in her face, and locked it.
"Devin.....unlock this door right now!" his mother said.
But he still ignored her. His father walked up the stairs, and bagged on the door.
"Come out of there this instant," his father demanded.
His room was kind of small, and it was painted in all black. Devin walked toward his música player on his wall, and turned his música on too loud. His took his shoes off and threw them on the floor. He closed his blinds on the window, and grabbed his hand-held, holographic game off his bed. He laid on his cama and started playing it. And his parents were still outside his door, demanding that he come out. And as he was playing his game, and heard a voice say his name. "Devin...." the voice called.
He stopped playing for a second, got up and turned his música off.
"Who's there?" he asked.
Then the voice said, "I can help you...."
"Who ever you are, show yourself," he said.
As this was happening, his parents were still beating on the door. They could also hear what was going on in Devin's room.
"Devin, who are you talking to?" his mother asked.
"We don't have time for this; just come out, and let's go," his father said.

Then someone appeared in his room, standing near him. He looked at him, and noticed that he had his body. It was the devil, impersonating him.
"What? Who are you?" he asked.
"Who am I? I am the one who'll save you from all this," he said.
"Save me?" asked Devin.
"Isn't it obvious? Your so-called parents don't understand you. They want to control you," he added.
What Satan said to him made sense in a way.
"I guess that's true...." he replied.
"Devin, you know it's true. Why do you think you're so miserable?" asked Satan.
"Wait, how'd you know my name?" he asked.
"I know everything about you," added Satan.
Devin sat back down on his bed, as Satan and him were still talking.
"Devin, I'm giving you 2 minuto to come outta that room!" shouted his father.
But he ignore him.
"OK, so how exactly are you planing on saving me?" he asked Satan.
"All you gotta do is put every bit of your trust in me, and everything you ever wanted will be yours. Not even your Christian parents will be able to stop you," he explained.
At first, Devin was skeptical about what he was saying.
"Oh, so it's that easy?" he asked.
"Yes, and I promise there's no catch, or condition-- all I'm offering you is freedom," Satan added.
"1 minute, Devin, and we're busting in there!" his mother shouted, from outside the door.
Then he started to believe what Satan said.
Devin stood up, and said, "OK, you got it. I'm all yours."
"Now that's what I wanna hear....." added Satan.
Big mistake, Devin. Devin had no idea what he just got himself into. After he agreed, the Devil disappeared.
"Where'd you go?" he asked.
The something happened. Satan was now able to get inside his body, and began taking over.
"What's happening to me?" Devin asked.
Devin could feel Satan coming into him, and taking over his body. Devin fell to the floor, and tried to fight back. But unfortunately, he wasn't stronge enough. Satan had officially took over.
"Now....on to phase 2 of my plan," Satan said, standing back up.
He vanished into the air, and took off the to ano 2002.
His parents finally had enough, and broke the door down. They noticed right away that Devin was gone.
"Where'd he go?" his father asked.
They walked in the room and looked around.
"Devin? Where are you?" his mother asked.
They were too late. Satan had took Devin over, and took off to the past.
August 2nd 2002 at 6:03 pm.
So far, Satan's plan was working: he captured Devin, and now he's after Carly. His plan was to go to the dia that Carly moved away, and cause her to hate Hillary.
Hillary, Jason and Carly were at her house. They were in the livingroom, trying to make their last moments with Carly last as lomg as possible. Their parents had gotten just about everything Carly and her family owned into the Ryder van. Back then, Hillary and Carly were 10, and Jason was 12. Hillary wore a rosa, -de-rosa shirt, with white pants. Carly wore a yellow tank top, with blue jeans. Jason wore a blue shirt, with blue jean shorts.
"Well, this dia is here," said Hillary, sitting on the couch.
"Yeah, it is," added, Carly, sitting seguinte her.
Both Hillary and Jason's parents, and Carly's parents walked in the house.
"We're almost done packing," said her mother.
Her mother closed the door, and went back outside.
"Great..." replied Jason.
"So when I'm gone, what are you guy's gonna do?" asked Carly.
"I don't know......I guess we'll just try to get use to it," added Hillary.
minutos later, their stuff was all packed up, and they were all standing outside preparing to say good bye.
"This is it....this is good bye," Hillary told Carly.
"No, we'll see each other again. I promise," she added.
"Hey, why don't you use your camera to take one last picture of us together?" asked Jason.
"Sure. First we'll take one of all three of us, then just me and Carly," replied Hillary.
As they were taking to picture, they were unaware that Satan (in Devin's body) was there, watching them from a distance. Hillary looked at the picture she took, and noticed Devin the background.
"That's weird...." Hillary said.
"What?" asked Carly.
"Look, there's someone in the background of the picture," she added.
The three of them looked at the photo, and then behind them, and saw that he was gone.
"Yeah, that is weird," Jason added.
"OK, now let's take our picture," added Carly.
She took a picture of her and Carly, and then put her camera in her pocket. Carly's parents walked up to them, and her mom said, "Come on Carly; time to go."
"OK, I'm coming," she said.
Her father opened the Ryder furgão, van door, and got in. Her mom walked up to her.
"Do you wanna ride on the van, or in the car with me?" she asked.
"In the car," she said.
Her and her mom got in the car; Hillary and Jason followed them. They stood seguinte to the car, as they said their good byes.
"Good bye, Carly. Don't forget me," Hillary said.
"Don't worry, I won't," she replied.
Hillary and Carly had one last hug.
"Bye," said Jason.
"See ya, Jason," she added.
"Good bye, guy's," Mr. and Ms. Ford said.
"Bye," Mr. and Ms, Evans said.
After that, they drove off. As they were driving away, Jason looked at Hillary.
"Are you gonna be OK?" he asked her.
"Yeah, I'll be fine. I'll see her again; I just know it," she added.
Satan was still there, watching as they drove away. He standing on the porch.
"Now that they're separated, it'll be mais easier to get to her," he said to himself.
August 3rd 2002 at 11:07 am.
The seguinte day, Carly and her family were already in New York. Their stuff had been unpacked and put in their new apartment. Carly and her parents were in the very topo, início part of the statue of liberty, looking at the city.
"This is cool; it would be awesome if people could live up here," said Carly.
"Yeah, it would be," her father replied.
She looked her mom, and said, "Mom, do you mind if I go over to the other side?"
"Sure. Do you have your cell?" she asked.
"Yes," Carly answered.
"OK, go on over there," she added.
Carly walked over to the other side. As she was looking down at all the tall buildings, she began thinking about Hillary.
"I wish we didn't have to leave," she said to herself.
Then Satan appeared behind her. He walked up to her and said, "Hey, Carly."
She turned around and saw him.
"Who are you?" she asked.
"I'm your new friend," he said.
"What? I don't even know you," she added.
"But I know everything about you," he said.
He was starting to scare her, so she started backing away from him.
"Yeah, right," she said.
"You don't believe me? Well, how do you think I know about that liar you use to know?" he asked.
"What? What liar?" she asked him.
He walked closer, and said, "Hillary Ford."
"No, she's not a liar--she is my best friend," she added.
"But how can you trust her? I mean, she is a Christian after all," he replied.
What Satan was saying didn't make any sense at all. How could he know so much about Hillary?
"So what? She's a Christian and I'm an Atheist--big deal. We're still friends," she told him.
Then she said, "Which reminds me: Why am I still talking to you?"
She turned and headed toward her parent's. Satan appeared in front of her, and scared her.
"How'd you do that?" she asked.
"Let's just say I'm not from here....." he added.
Then he said, "I came here because I thought you'd wanna know what Hillary said after you left."
"And that was?" she asked.

And that's basically it, I never finished this thing. And if you guys are wondering, YES, I left this as is. I changed no spelling errors, no nothing. I left it like this just so you can see the cringe for yourself. So... yeah, it was that bad. What's cool, tho, is that I found my old composição literária on google Drive somehow. I don't even know how this even got there, so don't ask. I honestly thought this shit was long gone.