A very sad event has happened today.Lefteris Theodosios Notaras(why must his name be so long?) has died heroically while protecting a hot blonde girl with huge tits from demonic forces.
He was a lot of things:The meme god,the waifu overlord,the martial artist,the chivalrous pervert but above all a good fellow that will be missed forever

'Now lets all sing this song in honour of him like he would want us to do.*Breathes deeply*:
''I'm like yo
They took my long lost bro Lefteris
Like no
Oh my god woah
You shot bae
"Lefteris! Are you okay Lefteris?"
No he was dead
You took him too soon man he was so cool
He was the coolest dude up in his whole Good Christian Roblox Server
How dare you take away my dude my best friend
Yeah foreal man this hate has gotta end
And I know how to end it
And I ain't joking you gonna think that I'm pretending
Just pull your dick out man it's for Lefteris
All dia everyday
For Lefteris
Damn he was a pizza party boy too
Yo Ben man what's up with you
Baked Alaska what's up too
And wait don't forget Milo
Yo what it do
Dicks out for Lefteris
You were gone too soon
Dicks out for Lefteris
You know that we're missing you
Dicks out for Lefteris
Dicks out for Lefteris
Dicks out for Lefteris
Dicks out For Lefteris''