Words to live by.
Back in July of 2017, I wrote an artigo where I talked about my complaints towards the lgbt community. At the time, I was composição literária an artigo where I reviewed Samurai Jack Season 5, but because I had Writer's Block, I decided to take a brake from composição literária it and write something else. In that article, I explained some of my complaints towards the lgbt community, however, I criticized the wrong people. I still think that the lgbt community still deserves some of that criticism, but they weren't the ones I should've been angry at.

Before we begin, I'd like to make two disclaimers first:
1.I won't be Politically Correct in this article, so don't expect the usual sugar coating that I do.
2.I'll be using a lot of the art work of Jago Dibuja; a very talented Spanish Webcomic artist who's responsible for creating the series "Living with a Hipster girl and a Gamer girl." wherein he expresses his political opinion while putting in a lot of humor and having likeable characters. His artwork is perfect for this artigo and I even asked for his permission if I could use them.

Regressive Leftists like SJW's; Black Lives Matter and Feminists are the scum of the Earth. They're the most shallow, whiny, hypocritical pieces of human filth that I've ever seen. Every criticism I've had with the lgbt community should've been targeted towards these scumbags. Everything that's currently wrong with modern society can be traced back to these Politically Correct hypocrites.
Because there so many things wrong with them, I decided to write a sequel artigo to this in the future, where I'll explain the damage it has on art, the media, and society as a whole.
In this article, I'll be talking about each group individually, and in the segundo part I'll be talking about the damage they have on the media and society as a whole.

I've rambled quite enough towards them, and now it's time to talk about why I hate them.

For starters, they complain and whine about non-existent problems, and attack and harrass people online and in the real world because they think that person deserves it.
One of the things that I can't stand about them is that they claim they fight for equality and justice when in reality they promote the exact opposite thing they're fighting against. If they see something that they claim is offensive, they'll go out of their way to act like a bunch of mentally unstable brats and claim that they're doing it for the good of humanity. In reality, they operate like a cult. They want to destroy free-speech and individuality because they think that people who have different opinion from them is a troll and thus must be treated like garbage.
They claim they're all for free-speech when they're all heckling someone at a speaking events. But then it suddenly becomes a hate-speech when someone disagrees with their messed-up opinion. They intimidate colleges, bully and physically assault attendees, and pull fogo alarms to prevent ANYONE with a different view from holding a speaking event in the first place.

Not to mention, they're hideous-looking, obnoxious, loud-mouth, hateful pieces of garbage. You may think that I'm merely criticizing their appearance so I don't have to address their arguments. The thing is that they don't HAVE any actual arguments, beyond yelling out mindless, meaningless, abhorrent slurs.

These special snowflakes manipulate people with their phony, "righteous" indignation and their stupid, "safe-space" trigger-warning, micro-aggression brain-washing.
When an aggressive movement like this seeks political change, abandons facts, logic, and objectivity, it always turns into fanaticism. They're a nauseating, loathsome cult, that are no different from Neo-Nazis, the KKK, or the Black Panthers.

One of the things that I despise the most about SJW dumbasses is that they get easily offended and triggered por the simplest of things. They label things they don't like as "racist", "homophobic", "abelist", and all sorts of different words. We can no longer have civil conversations with each other about our differing ideologies that can give us a new perspective about the world. These monsters live in a safe-space, where everything that takes them out of their comfort zone is offensive to them, and try to make stupid reasons for why it's offensive, while claiming that they're the good guys.
In this world, if you don't share the same opinion as them, try to tell them the truth, or agree with their methods, they'll do everything in their power to make you look like a villain and harassing you until you die. It's ironic that they fight against hatred and trolls, when they're the trolls themselves!

Let's talk about one of my favorito games of all time: Pokemon Black and White. Their the most story-driven games in the franchise, with the relevant theme of idealism vs realism. I bring this up, because the themes of these games hold a lot of truth in our modern society.
For instance, the main villains of the games is Team Plasma, an activist group who claim to fight for the rights of Pokemon, saying that humans mistreat them por forcing them to fight, or just simply capturing them while not caring about them at all. In reality, Team Plasma is a group hell-bent on world domination por manipulating people into releasing their Pokemon por making them feel awful about themselves. They don't even care about the Pokemon's well-being, as shown in one cut-scene where they literally kicked one. Just like these SJW's, they feed lies into the minds of people, so they can gain control and power over them, while not actually caring about the problems they complain about.

SJW's are self-proclaimed liberals who abandon liberal principles por tolerating and defending non-liberal ideologies. For instance, when the Westboro Baptist church espouse hatred gays, adulterers and anyone who rejects their God, Progressives react with scorn. Saying that it's a dangerous, intolerant and outdated belief-system, and rightfully so. Yet, when Muslims espouse the very same beliefs, self-proclaimed liberals suddenly lose all their liberal convictions and either remain silent, or viciously attack critics of Islam. They contradict their own liberal values, por atuação as apologists for non-liberal ideas. The religion consists of stoning women to death and killing those who would leave the religion of Islam. Those aren't liberal principles.
They keep saying that islamismo is a religion of peace, while they send death threats and stone innocent women to death if they say otherwise. islamismo is NOT a religion of peace! It's a religion that promotes misogyny, intolerance, homophobia and hatred.
They also say that "It's their culture and we should respect it." We have every right to criticize it if it's morally wrong. In Islam, homosexuals are thrown off buildings and older men marry young girls who aren't even 10 years old yet. In India, people defecate on the streets. In Saudi Arabia, people hunt down tigres for their penises because they think it's some kind of afrodisiac, thus reducing the tiger population even further.
The SJW's literally betrayed homosexuals por aligning themselves with the most hateful and intolerant people on the planet, while still having the nerve to say that straight people are homophobes. The same group of people who pepper spray women in the face and beat people with flag-poles. The same people who admire Lena Dunham, a vile cadela, puta who molested her sister, while scorning Milo Yiannopoulos, a gay Jewish man who was molested as a child, because he tells dirty jokes and insults them.

Here's also an example that shows why they're such hypocrites and why they don't care about the minorities they're fighting for, and how they don't tolerate any differing opinion.
Back in Fall of 2016, after Donald Trump's Hollywood Hall of Fame was vandalized por an angry Hilary supporter, triggered por Trump's "misogyny", a homeless African American woman, who visited the site to defend Trump was viciously abused and physically attacked por crazed Social Justice Warriors. A fat piece of crap in a white T-Shirt begins ripping up her signs while others are telling her to leave. The tub of lard then shoves her over, while everyone else continues to berate her.
Then a hypocritical sack of animal feces says "You spewed hate, now you got hate." The only ones who were spewing hate were those crazed lunatics who attacked an innocent homeless woman, an African American woman at that, because she defended Trump. Then, another thug tells the others NOT to call an ambulância as they continue to laugh at her.

This video illustrates once again how the media's role in wiping up anti-Trump hysteria is provoking violent thugs across America, to attack innocent people.

This is how these violent "progressives" behave. They will violently abuse and attack you while claiming that YOU'RE the one who's being hateful. They believe people disagreeing with their opinion is a form of violence.

Here's the video if you want to watch it, but I warn you, it's not pleasant, at all.

This isn't the first time SJW's have physically attacked African American Trump supporters. A man in a "Make America Great Again" hat was surrounded por a mob of angry Black Lives Matter agitators. Another man was racially abused for supporting Trump. A Vietnam veteran was shot in the leg for supporting Trump. And after a 16 ano old Trump supporter's debate with an anti-Trump agitator went viral on YouTube, his workplace address was revealed and received dozens of death threats. The boy was called a "Coon" and an "Uncle Tom".

Here's another good example of these SJW's being the monsters that they are:
Back in 2015, a girl on Tumblr who was a fã of Steven Universe, posted a arte dos fãs of hers where Steven and both of his parent lovingly embrace. However, these SJW fãs were triggered beyond belief when they saw Rose Quart, being drawn in a skinny figure. Rose Quartz is supposed to be a large woman, either because she's very muscular, or she has the same body-type as a Plus-Size model.
They were insulted por this, claiming that she hates people of different shapes and sizes. They were so furious about it that they started to harass her online, even making posts about why she's an awful person and should kill herself. This hurt her so much that she almost committed suicide, and these monsters basically said "Good riddance!".

This poor innocent teenage girl, who didn't do ANYTHING wrong, almost committed suicide because she drew a fictional character the "wrong way".
I'm going to expand on this subject in the sequel article, and I'll explain even further why I hate them.

But the stupidity doesn't stop there. These SJW's claim that Cuphead, one of the most successful and best video games of 2017, is racist and ableist all because of how difficult it is...you have got to be freaking kidding me...

That's the thing: whenever there's something that they don't like, they'll immediately call it whatever word they can find. In this case, because a game is too difficult for them to play, they claim that it's racist or ableist.
What they also don't seem to understand is that video games are supposed to be challenging, because if a game is too easy, then it's not fun. If the game isn't challenging, then there's fun to be had and no reason to play it.

I'm pretty sure the idiots who claim this are millennials who are used to mobile gaming. And now when they're playing an actually difficult game, they throw a hissy-fit and claim that it's offensive. God forbid if they played Dark Souls!

Social Justice Warriors unleash their most racist, violent, hateful behaviour against people and even minorities, who DARE to have a different opinion. Why? Because SJW's are some of the most racist, violent, intolerant, and hateful people in the world. They'll resort to violence, hate and vandalism when they're triggered por an opposing viewpoint. They aligned themselves with pedophiles and terrorists because they're violent sociopathic scumbags who have no moral compass, whatsoever.

Further proof that they want to degrade humanity even further, is that the state of California has forbid people from assuming other people's genders, and you can even be thrown in jail for for that! Not just from mistaking a man for a woman, but if a special snowflake idiot has its precious feelings hurt. Despite the fact that person should get psychiatric help.

In my opinion, one of the most important things a human being can have is individuality and free-speech. Everyone on this planet has a different point of view and opinion about everything, and that's what makes us humans so unique.
These SJW's don't believe in opposing viewpoints. They believe equality is the equivalent of having no differing opinions or ideologies and everyone should be exactly the freaking same. Those with different view-points are called haters and other such names because they took them out of their comfort zone. They don't like it when something that clashes with their ideal exists. They're overly-emotional to the point that everything that makes them uncomfortable should be illegal, and that only their view-point matters. If this keeps up, we'll eventually end up in a hellish world of 1984 and Demolition Man. If they get offended por the idea of 2+2=4, they'll do anything to make the world believe that 2+2=5. They want to destroy facts, logic, individuality and differing ideals because in reality, they're a communistic and fascistic group, hellbent on destroying logic, individuality and free-speech.

This actually kind of hurts, because I used to one of those people who got offended when someone said something negative about something that I loved. I fondly remember that on the dia after I wrote my very first article, I posted my very first poll, where I asked of people preferred Elsa over Anna. One commenter said that she prefers Anna and that she really disliked Elsa. I was offended por it, but it's mostly because I related to Elsa and Anna so much that every criticism people said about them felt like they were saying those thing about me, and it immensely hurt. We started having a conversation and we patched things up. And one time, in the YouTube comment section of the video where Edward and Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist were fighting, I called a person and idiot because he preferred Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood over the 2003 series. I regretted it later, and I apologized in a civil manner.
About that person who disliked Elsa, she later became my best friend here on Fanpop. Whenever I publicar a new artigo about a topic that would interest her, I'd ask her to read and comment on it because I'm interested about her opinion, whether it's something I can agree with or not. Also, she's an African American woman.
I kind of used to be like these SJW monsters, believing that people telling me things such as "The 2003 FMA series sucks" or "Elsa from Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante is a selfish wench" was like telling to a toddler that there is no Santa Claus. I grew out of that phase, and began to respect people with differing opinions as long as they're mature about it and don't try to shove it down people's throats. Whenever I express a controversial opinion, I'll at least try say "I'm sorry, but that's how I view it. I hope you'll understand it." One time in July of 2015, I showed the artigo I wrote about why the 2003 FMA is superior to it's FMAB counterpart to a commenter and instead of a war, we had a civil conversation about it. I actually started to respect FMAB more. I'm still not a fã of it, but I at least understand where the people who amor it come from.

But these SJW scumbags are the exact opposite, and I have no respect for them. To them, anyone with a differing opinion needs to be punished and silenced because they don't comply to their ideals and points of view. And like Team Plasma, they lie and ignore facts to manipulate people and gain control over the world.

I wanted to get to the bottom of why they're so childish and unfair to opposing viewpoints, and I think I found the answer.
Most of these SJW's have grown-up in a day-care, where at least two dozen of them were crying over the attention of a single day-care lady. Their parents probably didn't spend enough time with them, and as a result, they grew up craving the attention of others. They whine and throw temper-tantrums when people don't pay attention to them, and they want to ignore reality because it hurts them too much.
Honestly, this perfectly explains why most of them are craving attention and power. They want power and attention because they never got it when they were children. And like children, they want to assert their dominance and want control over everything.

Let's talk about another group I hate: feminists.
Feminists, or better yet, Feminazis, are just as bad as SJW's.
For instance, they claim they fight for equality for women, but all they do discriminate men, calling them worthless idiots, and how females are superior in every way. They declared war on reality in order to impeach and take down men. Not only that, but they also blame all of their problems on an invisible patriarchy. They always whine about priviledge instead of taking responsibility. And they live por that double-standard bullcrap.

Let's start with the fact that they complain and whine about a patriarchy and how unfairly they're being treated.
First of all, there's no such thing as a patriarchy that wants to control women...at least in most parts of the world. They blame everything bad that's happened to women on this non-existent patriarchy, which results in making ridiculous claims that make no sense.

Now look, I have nothing but respect towards women. Heck, I actually respect women mais than I do men. It's mostly because during elementary-school, I was mais of the mellow-type, and all of the boys were loud and obnoxious. While I wasn't fã of most of the girls in my class, there were some that I could have a civil conversation with.
I wholeheartedly believe that women should be treated equally to men. However, they have to take the bad with the good. A woman who chops off a man's penis for no reason should get the same prison sentence as a man who cuts off a woman's breasts for no reason. But these feminazi's don't want the bad. They're nothing mais than a bunch of ugly, privilleged bimbos who want to have control over the world, while denigrating men in the process.

They also don't seem to understand that women and men are biologically different in almost every category.
For example: biological males have mais testosterone, which makes them mais competitive. Men have naturally higher levels of anabolic steroids which helps them recover stamina quicker. Men have higher hemoglobin in their bloods, which helps circulate oxygen better around the body. Men have ticker muscle-mass, they have thicker tendons, they have mais bone density. That's why they can soco harder, kick a ball further, throw longer, run faster, and balanço a racket with mais power.
In few endurance sports that women are better than men, like long-distance swimming, it's women's physiological differences that give them the edge. Women are better at endurance swimming because they have mais body-fat than men and are mais capable of keeping the body afloat in liquid.
Even when you flip it around, it has nothing to do with culture, society, or the "patriarchy".
While I believe that men and women should be treated equally, we all have to face the facts that men and women are still different. There are things that men are better at doing, while there are things that women are better at doing.
To quote Shakespeare: "Hell is empty and all the Devils are here."

Second, they make rallies and all sorts of propagandas that are meant to discriminate men and make women look superior por comparison. I'm pretty sure most of you have watched a commercial that depicts men as idiots and the women as the competent ones. Despite the fact that they are just as stupid if they decided to marry those idiots.
And during the Women's March, I've seen screen-shots of women and soy-boys holding up signs and claim things that aren't true in the slightest. Here are some of my favorites:
1."Misogyny kills mais people than abortion." Yeah, because I'm pretty sure misogyny has killed over 50 million lives ever since it was legalized. However, this sign is correct in one aspect: that misogyny does kill women...in countries under Islamic rule and Sharia law. In fact, the organizer of the Women's March, Linda Sarsour is actually pro-Sharia Law and has ties to terrorist groups. I'll talk about her later.
2."This is an intersectional feminist revolution". Yeah, because walking around in hats with cat ears, dressing up as giant vaginas, and listening to a wench that yells the F word 5 times is totally a revolution!
3."My pussy bites back!" I'm pretty sure it bites back, considering that you must have Herpes.

This whole Women's March BS started all because of Trump remark of grabbing the pussy. The misandristic, priviliged bimbos saw an opportunity to cease mais power and control por spewing non-sensical propaganda across the U.S.A. These feminists create false claims and propaganda in order to look like the victim and and gain mais power and attention as a result.
A YouTuber por the name of Paul Joseph Watson, said it best "While it's really needed in The Islamic world, the West needs feminism like a peixe needs a bicycle. Which is why third-wave feminists and SJW's need to compensate and constantly invent or hijack new outrages to push their primary narrative: hating men"

I watched a lot of vídeos of people asking perguntas to the people who support the Women's March, and those people either couldn't answer, their respostas were incredibly shallow and vague, or they attacked the people who asked those questions.

Back in January, when I checked out Idina Menzel's Twitter page, I saw a tweet that sad that she'll cadastrar-se the Women's March, and this was my reply:
"I'm pretty sure that Women's March is just going to be a bunch of overly-paranoid women who'll bully innocent men on the side of the street, talk trash about them for no reason, promote superiority for women, and deny men to say 'Hello!" to them because they'll think it's rape."
A person replied back to me, saying how this is needed because men use their systemic power to oppress women. While that is true in countries like North Korea and Islam, the United States isn't one of them. I told her that if they want to fight for women's rights, they should go to North Korea and islamismo and fight for Women's Right's there. But they won't because they're too afraid to fight a real enemy. So they make up one in the form of the "U.S. Patriarchy", so they can fight against an enemy that's not real, and feel empowered and important.

Now, let's talk about the supporters of the feminist movement, specifically: Big Red; Anita Sarkeesian; Trigglypuff; and Linda Sarsour.
Big red is quite possibly the most vulgar and obnoxious woman I've ever seen.
She spews out the F word mais times than I can count, while also having the most unattractive and hateful face I've ever seen. She's a foulmouthed brat who gives the sailor from "Swearing like a Sailor" a run for his money.
Her voice is screechy and annoying, and her pompous and arrogant attitude makes her even worse. And her outfit and hair look so over-the-top that I can hardly take her seriously.
I amor how she says men keep women out of heavy industrial jobs. I don't see many feminists lobbying for equal representation in sewage treatment or janitorial jobs...must be that evil patriarchy keeping their hands clean!
Oh! And here's something that she herself said: "Feminists hate patriarchy, we do not hate you, F*ckface." The irony and stupidity is strong with this one.

TrigglyPuff is a fat, whiny, immature, bratty, tub of lard who calls people's differing opinions as "Hate-Speech". She looks like Jabba the Hutt's wife!
It turns out that TrigglyPuff is a radical leftist who's into Communism, Feminism, and the "Body Positivity" movement. In other words, she's a vile human being who's so overly-emotional that even the slightest hint of criticism is a hate crime, and thus the only way she can solve that is por destroying individuality.
Trigglypuff uses "flail" it's not very effective...

Anita Sarkeesian is the self-proclaimed pop-culture critic and feminist. She may be a feminist, but she's not pop-culture critic. All of her complaints and claims are, once-again, completely idiotic. She complaints about the over-sexualization of women in video-games, but not the over-sexualization of men. What she doesn't seem to understand is that a good chunk of these games are from Japan, a country that, unlike the U.S., is mais accepting and open to the idea of sex and and the attractiveness of people. That's why so many of their products and jogos eletrônicos feature sexy women and men because it's part of their culture. It's not a damaging culture like Islam, since they're just mais open to the idea of sex, since it's a natural part of life.
All of her claims about these games are inaccurate, and just serve to make everything look sexist, when they're not.
When she called people out on Twitter, she only called out men, not women, despite the fact that there are women out there who can't stand her as well and think that she's just pandering to them. Then again, this whole feminist movement is.

Linda Sarsour is probably the worst of the bunch, and she's the leader of the Women's march at that. For starters, when a Saudi Arabian girl was arrested for wearing a skirt, she said nothing whatsoever. That's because Linda Sarsour isn't a defender of women's rights at all, she's a total fraud and an idiot. A fact proven when she wished Happy Birthday to BLM ícone Assata Shakur, a convicted cop killer and fugitive who is on the FBI's most wanted terrorist list. A woman so violent she left the Black Panthers because they weren't violent enough. That's Linda Sarsour's and the Women's March's Icon. Literally a terrorist who killed a police officer in cold blood. How progressive!
She's so stupid, she's succeeded making a CNN denunciar to look good. So, a Jewish man who gets endless anti-simetic abuse from the alt-right...is now a member of the alt-right.
Not only that, but she mocked a victim of female genital mutilation who was 5 years old when that happened and said that she should have her vagina taken away! And she even deflected the man who called her out because he was white.
She says that we say stupid crap sometimes, but also that the tweet never happened. Yes it happened! She deleted it, and now she's lying about it.
She even claims that Jihad isn't violent, it just means "struggle". Yes, because the Jihadist who have been knifing, bombing, shooting their way through europa for the past 3 years. Oh no, they're not violent, they're just engaged in a struggle.
How about her continued advocacy of Sharia-law? The most oppressive, patriachal, anti-woman, cultural system on the planet! A culture that enslaves Muslim women across the Islamic world, a culture that sanctions acid attacks, honor killings, and older men marrying young girls who aren't even 10 years old!
She creates fake stories to gain dollars and power, and the tragic thing is that she's protected por the establishment left. She's not a feminist or a women's right's activist, she's an Islamist and a disgrace to all women. She's the female equivalent of Jim Jones.

The only woman who is just as bad, if not worse than Linda is Hillary Clinton. People are going on and on about how awful Trump is, when in reality, Hilary is much, much worse!

People say that she's the greatest feminist and hardened defender of women's rights. And I have to call BS on that!
If she's such a feminist, then why did she defend a rapist who molested a 12 ano old girl, and then laughed about helping him get away wit it. Believe me, this is true! You probably never heard of it because the main-stream media was too busy telling about how Donald Trump probably called a woman "obese"...20 years ago.
Kathie Shelton was brutally raped and beaten on the side of a desolate Arkansas road, por 41 ano old Thomas Alfred Taylor.
Hillary Clinton, who said that all rape victims should be believed, set out to destroy Kathie Shelton's credibility, por smearing her. Hillary claimed that the victim was "emotionally unstable", had fantasized about having sex with older men, and that she romanticized the experience. It was such a romantic experience for Shelton, that she spend 5 DAYS in comma, and 10 YEARS therapy, after the incident. Hillary Clinton, the so-called "Women's Right's Champion" blamed the rape victim.

The awfulness doesn't stop there! The crime lab cut out a part of the victim's underwear to test it, and found Taylor's sperm mixed in with Kathie Shelton's blood.
Hillary Clinton, takes the rest of the underwear, absent the part that's already been cut-out and tested on a 1200 mile journey to New York, and has the other part of it tested. The part that Clinton took test negative, and the other part that contained the blood and semen is gone. And I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with the fact that the judge in the case was a Clinton Campaign donor. The prosecution then had to pursue lesser changes, and thanks to Hillary Clinton, the rapist only served two months in prison, when he should've been locked up for life!

Hillary Clinton knew that he committed the rape and lied about it, yet she still defended him anyway! Hillary knew he was guilty and laughed about it! She laughed about helping a child molester, that brutally raped a 12 ano old girl, get away with it!

Remember, the media is kicking up hysteria over an allegation that Trump called someone fat 20 years ago! He's the one being demonized as a sexist woman hater. While Hillary gets a free-pass!
Trump may have made some insensitive comments about women, while Hillary provably ruined a woman's life, por helping her rapist go free!

If this was a stand-alone issue, it would be bad enough, but Hillary has a history of being a rape enabler for her husband. por intimidating, and silencing female rape victims. She even has a history of maliciously attacking Bill Clinton's lovers.
She vowed to crucify and destroy Jennifer Flowers, just like she smeared Kathie Shelton, a 12 ano old rape victim, Hillary Clinton, has spent most of her political career destroying the lives of women.
She also takes hundreds of millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia and other countries that oppress women. Yet people still call her a symbol for women's rights.

Hillary is both a terrible feminist and a human being. She tramples on women any chance she gets, just to further her political agenda.
I think it's really appropriate that the person that feminists look up to is a sociopathic bitch, because that's all they really are.
A fitting punishment for someone like her.

You want to talk about a real feminist May I introduce you to Ayaan Hirshi Ali.
She's a Somali-born Dutch-American activist, feminist, author, scholar and former politician. She received international attention as a critic of islamismo and advocate for the rights and self-determination of Muslim women, actively opposing forced marriage, honor violence, child marriage and female genital mutilation. She has founded an organisation for the defense of women's rights, the AHA Foundation.
Ayaan realized the intolerance and hatred her religion spread, so she left both the country and the religion, and called them out on their barbaric belief system. However, regressive leftists and even Islamists send death threats to her for leaving her religion, despite the fact that she's 100 percent right!

She called out Linda Sarsour on being liar who uses the Women's March to gain mais power, and to brainwash people. Ayaan called Linda out for being a supporter of Sharia Law, that's meant to oppress women even further!

She's a true feminist because not only does he have equal respect for women and men, but is also Valente enough to call out islamismo for their awful and sexist behaviour, and show people why they shouldn't support radical feminists who support Islam.
A true Feminist and Social Justice Warrior.

I know what you're going to say: "What about Oprah? Isn't she a feminist ícone as well?"
If Oprah really values women over anything else, she would have called Weinstein out years ago. But, no. She chose to keep her mouth shut in order to preserve her career. She whines about how much of a misogynist Trump is but turned a blind eye to a man molesting several women.
Not only that, Oprah openly said that older white men need to die. So, once again I see the left has put down a another group of people that are citizens of the U.S. like Hillary and her basket of deplorables. So they say they don’t support Trump because he a celebrity’s but then want Oprah who is just a talk show host.

Another thing I despise is how they use the Hijab as a symbol of female empowerment. In reality, it is the symbol of the most intolerant, hateful, anti-women patriarchal belief-system on the planet.
In countries like Syria, the parts that are controlled por ISIS, women are stoned to death, beaten to a bloody pulp, or have acid thrown on their faces.
You know that the women do once ISIS is kicked out? The burn the veils with glee on their faces. And this isn't something that terrorist do, this is what people do in Arabic countries!

It's ironic that they think that wearing a Hijab is so feminist, when the very first Muslim, Arab, Feminist group: "The Egyptian Feminist Union." nearly 100 years ago, encouraged Muslim women their veils. Removing the Hijab symbolized the entire objective of their campaign, to give women universidade education for the first time. That's real feminism! That's actually standing up for women's right.

Real feminists in countries like Iran face jail, persecution and death por taking pictures of themselves without a veil. That's true resistance against real misogyny, whereas these modern feminist whences completely enviar to it por promoting it.
Women are being subjected to an arcane 7th century belief-system under which women are being herded around like farm-yard animals. As someone who lives on a farm, my animais are treated with mais respect than the women in those countries.
According to Astra Q. Nomani, founder of the Muslim reform movement "...covers, segregates, subordinates, silences, jails and kills women and girls around the world. Not even under-aged girls are seguro from being killed, having their genitals mutilated, acid attacked, or beaten por their own fathers or brothers.
For instance, in India, a father killed his 4 ano old daughter, smashing her head against the floor when her Hijab slipped from her head during dinner. In Ontario, a man strangled his 16 ano old sister when she defied their father por refusing to wear a Hijab. In Iran, vigilantes roam the streets, throwing acid on the faces of women whose veils seem too loose. Muslim women in Londres are killed for being caught not wearing a Hijab. None of that is feminist or cool.

I'm shocked and disgusted at the fact that these bitches whine and complain about de praia, praia body advertisements and non-existent U.S. patriarchy, while not doing anything to save and help Muslim women who're actually being abused. Instead, they're making the situation EVEN WORSE!
Whoever made this poster deserves to go to jail.

Another thing I despise about feminists is that they whine and complain about beach-body advertisements that show off attractive women in swimsuits, or men spreading their legs on the bus, while not giving a damn about the women in North Korea or Islam, where they're treated as second-class citizens.

I'll talk about the beach-body thing later, but the whole "Men spreading their legs open is a sign of wanting to molest women." thing is beyond ridiculous. Why do I spread my legs while I'm in sitting? I don't know! Maybe it's because I have a pair of testicles in my crotch area that needs room to breathe in order to produce sperm! Why do you think they dangle? The less room the testicles have, the mais the sperm count decreases.

They also complain about how men aren't doing enough chores at home. Last time I checked, men are mais hard-working then women, have mais dangerous jobs than women, are mais likely to suffer from anxiety and depression and commit suicide as a result, and men get raped mais in prison then women do outside of it. These bitches have no right to complain about men no working hard enough, when they're literally breaking their backs for them them por working two jobs just to put comida on their table.
Not only that, but they promote diets that contain high-amount of estrogen that not only decreases testosterone and turns men into soy-boy sissies, but also promote skinny-jeans for men that suffocates the crotch area, and even claim that denying pregnant women to drink alcohol is sexist. Are they serious? It's like they not only want to eradicate men, but the human race as well!
I have long hair and I'm mais gentle than most boys, and even I'm disgusted por these freaks.

These feminists remind me a lot of Femme Fatale from The Powerpuff Girls. She's a bank robber and master thief who hypocritically claims feminist arguments to justify her crimes despite not knowing even the simplest facts about the woman she claims to be honoring with her thefts. With shoddy reasoning, wrapped in some unfair truths, she convinces Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup to fight against men so she can continue to rob banks. Despite her misandry, her speech to the Powerpuff Girls and the designs on her costume, Femme Fatale is equally cruel to women. She roubou Susan B. Anthony coins from a female bank employee, broke the arm of a policewoman, and roubou the hairstyle of a teenage girl.

She steals only Susan B. Anthony coins since all other forms of money have men on them (at the time of the series at least). At the end of the episode Equal Fights, she is promptly defeated (quite harshly), and taken to jail after the sisters tell her who the suffragist Susan B. Anthony really was.

Real feminism isn't about discriminating other men por making yourself look like and even act like a monster. It's about showing equal respect for both genders and fighting for your rights. Real feminism is about women saving the lives all people, whether it be women, men or children. Real feminism is risking prison or death por taking off your hijab in public, or better yet, strangle your abusive husband with it. Real feminism is picking up a machine gun to kick some ISIS ass.

Modern feminists are a loathsome cult, who have about as much respect for women or understanding of women's rights as Ajit Pai does for Net Neutrality.
Feminists in a nutshell.

Let's talk about Black Lives Matter! The anti-white, anti-logic and anti-compassion movement that wants nothing mais than to see police officers getting killed.

Despite what these racist thugs tell you, despite what the media is telling you, Police brutally affects everyone, not just African Americans. Yes, these situations are tragic and the clips showing these cops abusing their power on innocent citizens are horrifying, but the facts clearly prove that you;re being lied to.

African Americans make up about 13% of American citizens, but they commit half of violent crimes like homicides. Law-breaking African Americans are 5-10 times mais likely to put themselves in close proximity to mostly Caucasian police officers. So you'd expect there to be mais confrontation between African American males and Caucasian police officers. But in reality the number of Caucasian people that are killed and abused por cops are almost the same if not more. If there was an epidemic of racist police officers abusing their power to kill African American citizens, then these figures should be much higher. Both African American and Caucasian people are killed por police officers at the exact same rate: 3%. There's no racial disparity.

Do we have a problem of Police Brutality around the world? Yes, absolutely! Is it exclusively targeted to Black people, as BLM seems to claim? No! But the polarizing way in which BLM has made it all about race has divided the world, and made half of the world completely disinterested.
The Hypocricy is strong in this one.

To any African Americans who are leitura this, BLM isn't helping you! It's doing the exact opposite por making things worse!
Martin Luther King achieved equality and justice for African Americans por championing equality and building bridges with "White" America.
What does BLM do? They promote segregation. They refuse to serve or help Caucasian people who are trying to help them. They ban Caucasian people from their meetings. They call for dead Caucasian police officers. It doesn't matter if the officer was a good person who wasn't abusing his powers and actually did his/hers job, he/she needs to die! They're built their entire movement on something that's not true!
That Michael Brown incident about him being an innocent kid who was shot dead with his hands up. Despite being pushed por the media, despite being embraced por BLM, "Hand up, don't shoot" is proven to be completely untrue! Yet they built their entire movement on it.
Their leader is a convicted cop killer who's on the FBI's most wanted terrorist list. They alienate their own allies. They hijack events to bully and intimidate people. And worst of all, they call people "racist" who say that "All Lives Matter".

Martin Luther King won people over por appealing to logic, reason, to the bedrock of American values, while BLM does the opposite! They polarize, they demonize, they divide, they race-bait.
You want to know the most infuriating line I hear from them and most people?: "Black people can't be racist." This infuriates me so much, because it's very obvious that Black people CAN be racist, but they want to hide it and make it look like as if it's not a violent attack.

Case in point, a few years ago, a group of 4 African American teenagers kidnapped a mentally disabled teenager who was supporting Trump. Not only was he attacked, he was kidnapped, and kept hostage for 2 whole days. The guy was tortured, beaten, had racial slurs thrown at him, and they made cuts around his body. What's worse is that these psychos literally uploaded it to Facebook!

What's mais infuriating is that people went nuts when Micheal Brown, a complete criminal was shot dead, but the media tried to defend these sick scumbags, who kidnapped and tortured an innocent man for 2 days, just because he was Caucasian, and maybe supported Trump. If anything, he wasn't even supporting Trump, but these savages thought he was, based on his skin color.
If it had been 4 Caucasian people torturing an African American teenager, there would've been riots and the media would denunciar on how awful it was, but they kept quite on this one!

I don't care if I'll offend some of you, but I don't give damn if those 4 teenagers were African Americans. They're nothing mais than insane, racist savages who deserve to rot in prison for the rest of their lives.

And yes, "black people" can be racist, and claiming that they can't be racist is a racist thing in end of itself, because you're basically saying that they can't think or feel in a certain way about a group of people.

Why do you think that the establishment that's owned por Caucasians, is encouraging them to riot in their own neighborhoods? That's the exact opposite what Martin Luther King Nelson Mandela, Ida B. ells and Rosa Parks advocated and fought for.
Why do you think they're encouraging African Americans to burn down and loot businesses that's owned por other African Americans? Because Black Lives Matter is funded por a Caucasian, billionaire elitists like George Soros. They don't want us to unite. They don't want African Americans to prosper. They want to keep them in the Ghetto, dependent on welfare and on the government. So they'll never have any political power, outside of democratic party controlled meia puppets like Obama.
In places like Baltimore, murders have increased while police numbers decreased, because Police Officers abandoned those areas. Thanks to the violent manipulation being promoted por Black Lives Matter.
mais African Americans have been killed por other African Americans since Black Lives Matter began. It would take 40 years kill as many African American people as those who have died at the hands of other African Americans in 2012 alone!

They literally allowed their culture to be about the glorification of criminal behaviour. That atuação like a nihilist, violent, ignorant thug is cool! They idolize wannabe gangstas who wave armas around! Even telling their kids that getting into violent confrontations with police officers is cool! They even abort half of their babies!

Black Lives Matter doesn't want to support other African Americans. They merely use it as an excuse to act like the violent, racist scumbags that they are. As I said with that woman who was attacked por SJW's, they will even attack the minorities that they're fighting for just because they have a differing opinion or ideology from them. Because to them, anybody, whether they're a minority or not, is an enemy if they say something that they disagree with.
They want to keep them in the Ghetto, that they will never amount to anything else in life besides criminals and thugs that are dependent on the government. So the actual White Supremacists will continue to have power over them. While the African Americans who call them out on their manipulations, are demonized and ignored.

One of the things I also hate about them is that they claim that Caucasian people should feel bad about about what ancestors have done, por enslaving Africans and treating them like dirt. Despite the fact that slavery ended over 100 years ago! Or the fact that people in Arabian countries enslaved Caucasian people WAY before Americans enslaved Africans. Or that there are still millions of black people enslaved por Arab Muslims. But they refuse to talk about them and instead feed propaganda into people's minds. Or that African Americans could never have existed if they haven't brought them in the United States.

I think it's time that I tell you the truth, so I can explain why the whole racism against blacks and whites is nonsensical: there's no such thing as white people and there's no such thing as black people. Hear me out!
In reality there has been people of color. The only way you'd be yellow like an Asian is if you have jaundice or a red Native American if you have extremely sun-burnt skin. Ironically, those mostly appear on Caucasian people, because the diminished level of melanin on their skin doesn't interfere with the reflection of those as cores on the surface.
The term "people of color" is merely used to create mais segregation and incite mais hatred. Because at the end of the day, it all boils down to one person's melanin content. A chemical that adds a level of brown to the skin and diffuses light across its surface, the natural purpose of which was the reduce sun damage. The less melanin is present in the skin, the mais the skin will have a patchy, inconsistent, pinkish hue, influenced por the density of blood vessels beneath it.
And of course, SJW morons lost their minds over this because they think it means that white is the default skin color. When the reality is that this color is how all flesh looks in the absence of melanin, as seen in the medical condition known as Vitiligo, the same disease that Michael Jackson had.
Take a look at the pictures that I linked below. Underneath that thin, trivial, pigment, and slight morphological differences acquired from generations of geological isolation, we're all the same.
It's the reason why I use terms such as "African American" and "Caucasian" to distinguish them, but in reality, there is no distinction.
When SJW's use the term "people of color" they use it to refer to African Americans like they were oppressed because they weren't white. Which, like I said, was inaccurate. There's no such thing is Black or White People. Only slight morphological differences rooted in genetic variations that were selected for por the conditions of our ancestral environments. And none of them are superior or inferior, except for our bias and flawed standards.

I also get angry when they make filmes or shows that's meant to pander to SJW's or black people, or even change a characters skin color because they want to be politically correct, and not offer anything else in return. I'll talk about this in my sequel artigo that I'll probably write in the Summer.

I think morgan Freeman said it best "The only way to stop racism is to stop talking about it. You stop calling me a black man, and I'll stop calling you a white man.". He said that Black History mês is ridiculous, because black history is American history, and I fully agree with him. I can say the same thing about pride month, which should be renamed "Propaganda Month".

I also wanted to talk about the Fat Acceptance Movement, but I no longer have space. I will leave you with a imahe to get the general idea at least.

I know I wasn't Politically Correct in this article, nor did I sugar-coat it like I usually do, but that's because I wanted to show how serious I am about this subject. They're not fighting for free-speech. They fight for the opposite. That free-speech and facts equal hate-speech. They're even fighting for the rights of minorities. If that's the case, then why are they defending Islam, a religion and country that treats women as second-class citizens and throw homosexuals off buildings. The only thing they're fighting for is their right to be a bunch of(Sorry for my language) pussies, who don't want to hear opinions or facts they don't like.
I used to be kind of similar to these people, but even if I didn't agree what people said, I still respected their opinion, because I respected them as people. Especially if they were mature about it and didn't try to shove it down other people's throats, while atuação like a pompous, arrogant punk. How ironic that these new hate groups are pompous, arrogant punks, who're no different from Nazis or Communists.
Not only that, bu they even go after friends and family members, por disowning them if they're conservative or liberal. They talk about how righteous, honorable, tolerant and compassionate they are, when they scorn and disown they're own family friends for their political opinions. Even going as far as using children who don't even know or care about politics, either using them as scapegoats, or revealing their accounts for members of ISIS. What kind of monster does that?
I've seen dozens of instances of teenagers and even adults being disowned, bullied, harrassed for their political opinion. I cannot begin to tell you how this depresses me, because these idiots who dare call themselves a "family" basically abandoned one of their own for no reason! Remember the famous quote from Lilo and Stitch? "Ohana means Family. It means no one gets left behind." Well these morons certainly don't remember it! They'd abandon decency, kindness, morality and honor for the sake of their political opinions and agenda.
Not everyone who disagrees with you is a Nazi or an SJW. As long as their mature and knowedgeble about it, I fully respect that. But if they have no respect for the people whom they're telling their opinion to, then they deserve no respect either.

I don't care if this artigo gets removed. I'll just repost it, over and over again, because I won't allow these fascists to take away my rights and my freedom of speech. They need to be called out on their awful behaviour and face the facts that they're the deplorables. My rights don't end where their feelings begin.

As always, Small ya' Later!