As an introductory note, none of this is directed at anyone in particular. It's just based on what I've seen here and elsewhere. I don't wanna start any shit; this is just kinda my two cents about etiquette.l

My opinion pretty much revolves around one policy: don't be an asshole.

Don't be a grammar nazi. Yeah it's annoying when people can't spell or fuck up punctuation but honestly, so what? Unless they made an honest mistake, you being uptight about spelling and grammar isn't going to change how someone types (any grammar nazi would know this from experience). What do you gain, anyway, from being anal about it? You get to feel superior to someone else? You "educate" them? Buddy, you ain't educating anyone; you're just feeding your ego. There's no way to pretend it's anything else.

Don't hold grudges. Don't start fights for no reason. Don't attack people. Don't gossip. Don't exclude. I can't say I haven't been guilty of some of these in the past, but I'm trying to reason my way through being better about it. I'm tying to hold my tongue mais because, again, what's the point? It's different if it's an actual debate, and I also think that to a certain extent it's different if you're talking about something serious like race or gender or war or fucking whatever because those dialogues should be 100% open but after a certain point and on petty subjects you have to back away. People won't change their minds unless they want to and being dumb and cliquey on the internet is boring. Ask yourself what you're accomplishing. Calm down. Let it go. It's just the internet.

Similarly, I've never really understood why people are mean for no reason to absolute strangers, to people they've never talked to before. People on tumblr and twitter attack each other for dumb things like eyebrows and fandoms. People here, I feel like, can be quick to rip on newbies or people who aren't as knowledgeable as them. I think it's important to be inclusive and supportive, though. If there's someone who's never wronged you why be mean? Be nice. Be understanding. I'm sure you've been attacked por someone for something dumb, too, so remember how it feels and make your first reaction a smile instead of a snicker. Compliment strangers often, spread good vibes.

Like I said, this is all shit I'm still working on. I'm trying to go through life with an open mind and a good coração but sometimes it's rough. I have a lot of things to be amargo, amarga about but I'm trying and I just really wish others would do the same. The Internet shouldn't be a war zone.