These are my topo, início 15 LEAST favorito celebrities and just like with my topo, início 15 favorito celebrities list I'm only basing this off who they are as a person, but I will talk about their talent as well. I will also tell you how attractive I think these people are because there are very few on here I find ugly and some I find very attractive, I'm just going to mention it just to show that I'm not biased like some people. This one person who did a list like this pretty much just said they were all ugly and even compared them to animals. Anyway, this is my list and please keep in mind this is just my opinion but also please comment. Enjoy!


She's my least favorito of all the disney Channel stars and I just can't stand her! She can't sing and is one of the worst atrizes I've ever seen in my entire life! With that aside she's also a terrible role model because when she was on Dancing With The Stars she got her fãs to help her cheat, she told them to. Yeah, teach kids to cheat, there's a good choice for a role model Disney, like having her as one of the stars of Shake It Up that teaches horrible life lessons and morals isn't bad enough. She's also a spoiled snob who is ungrateful for her fans. Someone I met online told me that he was in line for hours with his little girl to get Zendaya's autograph and when his little girl said hi to her she didn't say anything and just sneered at her while talking to some "blonde bimbo". Bella Thorne is definitely WAY better than her because she is a great role model, is a fantastic actress, grateful for her fans, and an amazing person, not to mention much prettier than her. However, Zendaya is very beautiful, not stunning or gorgeous though, and is a fantastic dancer (not on Shake It Up). She's not higher because the others have done worse.

14.Liam Hemsworth

I used to like him until this ano when I found out mais about him. I mostly liked him because he was Miley's fiancé but now I know he's horrible. It turns out that back in 2010 he cheated on Miley. When he and Miley got engaged he just kept on wrecking her (excuse the pun) and was the inspiration for most of the songs on her Bangerz album. He cheated on Miley with January Jones in mid 2013 and was basically described in Miley's song FU, which was obvious since it mentioned texting through a cellphone and it was rumored that Liam was sending January sexy text messages, I don't know why considering January is twelve years older than him and isn't even attractive. He cheats on Miley again with a Spanish singer named Eiza Gonzalez. People say Miley is a slut? A slut is someone who has no shame and just wants to have sexy and be with as many people as possible, that's not Miley that's applies to Liam. He wasn't forced to stay with Miley, he had a choice to break up with her and instead decided to cheat on her! He had an amazing woman who is the most GORGEOUS woman that ever lived and he blew it! He doesn't deserve someone like Miley, she deserves MUCH better! However, he's a great actor (one of the best actors) and one of the most handsome men I've ever seen, although I'm a guy so I'm not much of a judge of that. He's not higher because the others are worse.

13.Mel Gibson

It kind of hurts to have him on here because of the nostalgia I have of him as the voice of John Smith from Pocahontas but the mais I learned about him the mais I despised him. He is incredibly racist, ironic considering he was in Pocahontas, saying he hates Jews and has made several racist comments. This guy is incredibly insensitive to other people and thinks he's better than everyone else. He is also rude to people because he thinks that everyone can afford to do what he can do when really they can't, they're not rich like he is but apparently he's too stupid and insensitive to realize that. He's a completely racist, insensitive, MORON! He was actually very good looking when he was younger but really didn't age very well, he's kind of ugly. He's a very talented actor and has a good cantar voice in Pocahontas. He's not higher partly because of nostalgia.

12.Richard Burton

I never liked him AT ALL! First of all he was a total HAM of an actor and always acted like a ham even when he wasn't atuação at all. He was a terrible person! First he flirted with Elizabeth Taylor, even though he was married, and when she didn't want anything to do with him said she was dumpy. Yeah, a real nice guy, NOT! But he kept going after Elizabeth Taylor until she gave in, even though she was married. He helped her become one of, if not THE biggest whore and slut in history. He was said to be her soul mate but all he did was talk Shakespear to her and then treat her terribly. He was also an alcoholic and ruined himself. He ended him killing himself with all the drug and alcohol, not suicide but just pure stupidity. He was decently good looking before the drugs but after that he was ugly. He's not higher because the others are mais annoying.

11.Lindsay Ellis (A.K.A. The Nostalgia Chick)

This is ironic because I had Doug Walker (Nostalgia Critic) on my favorito celebrities list. However, while Doug is funny, entertaining, really openminded, and insightful, she's not funny, is boring, close-minded, and cynical. She is just always so boring an annoying! She hates anything that is fun just because it's fun. She over analyzes the heck out of everything! She's just like those moms who think disney Princesses are horrible role modelos only worse. She'd be the mothers leader except for one thing, she's horrible and hates children, she probably eats bebês and drinks little kids blood. I hate how she feels about The Little Mermaid and Ariel, yes I'm going to be biased about that. She's not funny, she managed to get a few laughs but only like three of four. Her friends on her show are the real entertainment. She looks at everything like a school denunciar and tells it like a BORING lecture! The website she's part of is supposed to be entertaining and funny but she's BORING as algebra, in fact I thinkI might prefer algebra over her. She gives a lot of wrong information and is closed-minded with no redeemable qualities. I think Doug only hired her as the Nostalgia Chick in the contest because he knew she would be boring and would never steal his popularity. He should've picked MarzGurl, she'd be entertaining! She's kind of pretty and does have a nice cantar voice. But as for entertaining she needs to be fired and have a boring job where her boringness can shine. She's not higher because the others have done worse.

10.Justin Bieber

First of all I want to say that I never liked him but I didn't hate him at first. He seemed like a good kid and he had a nice voice for a little kid, though it got deep and now he sounds like a goat that can't sing a single note. However, now he's not a good kid anymore, he's a jacka**! He treats people terribly, assaults people, is rude to people who work for him, is easily influenced, and is ungrateful for his fans. He actually spit on his fans, talk about a jacka**! He doesn't deserve his huge fanbase, it's not even talented for one, is a cheap knock off Justin Timberlake wannabe, and is horrible to his fans. Selena Gomez can do WAY better than him! I don't know why she keeps going back to him! She's gorgeous, smart, talented, an amazing person, rich, and famous, she can do MUCH better! He's also the WORST actor of ALL TIME, no one is worse at atuação than him! He keeps on getting away with getting arrested when he should be, he got arrested once but was bailed out. He deserves to be in jail for years. He doesn't take his career seriously and even said he was retiring, too bad though. He takes his camisa off and hands his pants low like a moron. He was also very offensive saying he hoped that Anne Frank would be a Belieber, he has no respect for anything or anyone. I do think, unlike most people, that he is very handsome. He's not higher because of the story of Avalanna and I believe he really cared about her. He's been involved in some charities. Maybe one dia he'll get his act together and his big fat ego will deflate. But until then I'm gonna go on hating him.

9.Kim Kardashian

I can't stand this woman AT ALL! She is totally fake and a complete egomaniac. She's a spoiled and selfish brat that just wants money and fame. I feel sorry for her daughter because she'll probably end up being just like her mother, so beautiful but so stupid, spoiled, selfish, and fake. Her reality show is absolutely awful and just shows how annoying she really is. She's rude to people and is a complete hypocrite. She calls some guy she knows fat when she's in no position to talk with her HUGE hippo butt! Her butt didn't have any work done, her boobs might have, and her face definitely did. She was so much prettier before her plastic surgery. Unlike most people, I think Kim Kardashian is beautiful even after her surgery but she looked so much better before. But she is also completely talentless, she can't sing, she's one of the WORST atrizes of all time, and she can't dance or anything! She got famous from her fashion so at least she's not just famous for nothing. But she's done nothing with her fame but just pamper her vanity, talk about how rich she is, and talk down to people. She's a spoiled and whiny brat! Maybe we'll be lucky and her daughter will be NOTHING like her family! One can only hope. She's not higher because, despite everything wrong with her, including that she'll encontro, data several guys and dump them in a millisecond, she does care about her family.

8.Elizabeth Taylor

People say women like Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, ke$ha are sluts, they're NOTHING compared to this whore! She had absolutely NO CLASS AT ALL! She constantly cheated on her husbands and broke up marriages! She even broke up a marriage of two good friends of hers, who I bet were no longer friends with her, especially since she cheated on that guy with Richard Burton! OH MY FREAKING GOSH! I've never seen a woman who was such a whore, except for Blanche from The Golden Girls and Joey from Friends, two characters I can't stand either por the way. She constantly did this, doing it once is bad enough but several times is being a freaking slut! She was also spoiled, selfish, rude, ungrateful for her fans, would only sign autographs if she needed the money, and was a total ham of an actress. She's so over the topo, início and also underacts when she needs to be subtle. The only time she and Richard are good are when they're in Who's Afraid of Virginia lobo because they fought a lot in the movie but that's only because they were struggling through the same thing in real life. These two were not meant for each other. I will admit that she is gorgeous but DISGUSTINGLY OVERRATED! She was said to be the most beautiful woman that ever lived but I completely disagree. I can't believe she was considered stunning and Judy Garland wasn't even considered pretty when Judy is a billion times mais beautiful than her. Elizabeth is gorgeous but can't compete with classic beauties like Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, etc. Plus when she grew old she became UGLY, just like her personality! She's basically the early version of Kim Kardashian, only worse. She's not higher because the others are mais despicable!

7.Roseanne Barr

I can't stand this woman AT ALL! First of all I think her show is absolutely AWFUL and she's a total HAM of an actress who just screams her lines! She always plays the same character, even in the disney movie, início On The Range, which is an AWFUL movie por the way. She always is just playing herself, a rude, manipulative, dysfunctional, mean, stupid, insane, loud, fat, hideous, and horrible excuse for a human being! She was also disrespectful to America when she sung the national anthem and she has the WORST voice of ALL TIME, just TERRIBLE! I'm glad she's not an actress anymore but now she's in politics, which is horrible! She's horrible with politics and is a horrible person all together! She's rude and mean to everyone she meets and is just a terrible person who doesn't deserve her fame at all. She's not funny at all and is just plain annoying! She's not higher because the others are just worse.

6.P.L. Travers

After I saw Saving Mr. Banks I couldn't stand this woman AT ALL and after looking up the real story I hate her even more. First I want to say that she adopted a boy and knew that he had a twin brother but refused to adopt him as well. That's just HORRIBLE! You don't slit siblings up, that is just inexcusable! I know she had a tragic childhood and I feel bad for her but that's no excuse for her growing up to be a horrible person. She's rude, arrogant, cynical, and a stuck up snob. She refused to write anymore books even though she was broke, what a moron. She refused to have any friends or be pleasant to anyone. In the movie she asked a woman who was being polite if her baby was going to be a nuisance for the whole plane ride! WHAT A B****! She was never polite to anyone and treated Walt Disney, one of my favorito celebrities, horribly. Also the movie lied about how Travers felt about the movie, she hated it because it was fun and had música so she refused to let Walt make anymore filmes out of her books, despite the fact that she refused to write and would become flat broke! WHAT AN IDIOT! She's a horrible person and I can't STAND her! She's a major PAIN!

5.Desi Arnaz

It really hurts me to have him on this list but after what I learned about him I just had to put him on here. He constantly cheated on Lucy and was an alcoholic. While she was working on trying to save their marriage he just went around cheating on her and getting high on the alcohol! Lucy deserved better than this! All she ever did was try to help him and save their marriage but all he could do was make a mess of it. She even created the I amor Lucy show to try to save their marriage but eventually the show would end because they got a divorce. This guy had absolutely no class about him and was just a horrible man that didn't deserve someone as amazing as Lucy. However, I will admit that I think he is handsome, is a great actor, is a fantastic singer, and amazing with instruments. He's not higher because of my amor for I amor Lucy and the fact that the others just make me mais sick!

4.Paris Hilton

A worse version of Kim Kardashian! I can't stand this idiotic bimbo! First of all she has absolutely NO talent AT ALL! She is the WORST actress of ALL TIME, she can't sing, and can't dance or do anything. She's a soiled, selfish, stuck up brat! She teaches all the horrible morals that Kim does but she's worse because she actually ruined a celebrity's life. She influenced Lindsay Lohan into partying hard and doing drugs, Lindsay is one of my favorito celebrities so this makes me hate Paris even more. She was let off with a warning when she was caught por the police but she just thought she was better than everyone so she just didn't pay any attention to them! I'm glad they arrested her afterwards, she deserved it, I'm just sad she's not still in jail! I will admit that she is plainly pretty but she's nothing special and I can't stand her nose! She's a spoiled brat who is only famous for being born rich and gets what she wants because she has the money to bribe people.

3.Perez Hilton

First of all I have to say that he and Paris Hilton always get mixed up in my head because their names sound the same and I despise them both! This guy is just famous for a website where he just goes around trying to make horrible stories about people and criticize people in a jacka** way. He has absolutely no respect for anyone and is just a despicable excuse for a human being! He doesn't care how hurtful something is and will say whatever he can in the worst possible way. I don't know what else I could say about him that everyone else doesn't already know about this jerk. He's decently good looking, nothing special. He's not higher because the other two are just horrible!


I can't stand this woman AT ALL! The WORST female celebrity in my opinion! First of all she's UGLY! Secondly she was a total whore, she cheated on her husband with Charles, who was married to Diana at the time. She did it for years without feeling any guilt AT ALL! She's part of what made Diana feel so horrible during her marriage with Charles. She had absolutely no class and I hope that she never becomes queen of England, that belongs to Kate. There is nothing good about this woman and nothing nice I have to say about her except that there is one celebrity that is worse than her.


There is absolutely no doubt about it that this horrible and despicable excuse for a human being is the WORST celebrity of ALL TIME and there is not a single celebrity worse than him! He treated Diana horribly! He constantly told her how worthless she is and always made her feel like she wasn't good enough. He would never be satisfied and even cheated on Diana with that dog Camilla! In this world people can get divorced, he didn't have to stay with Diana, he could've left her and went with Camilla but instead just decided to cheat on her. He made Diana act like her life was happy and never tried to help her, he was just horrible and selfish. He lied to her and would always make her feel bad about herself. He was a terrible father too and will be a horrible grandfather. But William and Harry are lucky Diana was their mother because Charles is UGLY! I hope he never becomes king, that título belongs to William. William will be a great king and unlike his father he is a good husband and father. This guy is just horrible and should never be allowed to rule a country.