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Hello Muggles! I really would like your opinions on my Harry Potter/ Hunger Games Crossover Fanfic! Anything I could change, or add to it... I am finished typing, so nothing passed the last word....And deleting it is not a suggestion.. The begining and end is a little boring, like any story..... But thans for your time! :D It is quite long


Peeta and I had just won the Hunger Games. A televised fight to the death. My sister, Prim, had been chosen to be in the Games, so I took her place. Now I was at início with her and my mother. Peeta was living in a house near me. We had pretended to be in amor for the Games so we would both win. I don’t really amor him, but I think that he really does amor me. Well, now everything is normal. Prim, my mother, Peeta, and I are fine. Everything is different, though. I had been so used to living in the Seam, that all of these luxuries from winning the Games seem abnormal and foreign to me.
Right now, I am in the forest with my best friend Gale. We used to come here all of the time to hunt before the Games. But now, since we have all of the things that we need, I just come here to be with Gale, and for all of the memories. Gale still comes here for food, but I help him out with that, too. We are sitting por the river, eating berries and digging for Katniss roots, which I was named after, when Gale and I heard a loud pop behind us. We turned around quickly, ready to run. There were three people standing there. There was one girl, and two boys. The girl had very bushy brown hair and rather large teeth. She was holding one of the hands of a very tall red haired boy with a lot of freckles. She was holding another boys hand in her other hand. This boy was about her height, with black hair, glasses, and a scar on his forehead. From here, it looked like a lightning bolt. They were dressed almost casually, except for the long black cloaks that each of them were wearing. It was too hot for a long capa like that. They must either be crazy, or come from a place so hot, that this place seemed cold to them. They looked too normal to be from the Capitol, so Gale and I were starting to let our guard down.
The red haired boy saw Gale and I, and said to the black haired boy, “Harry, quick, put the capa over us! There are people here! What if they’re Death Eaters?”
The black haired boy, who I had assumed name was Harry, said to the red haired boy, “Ron, you’re kidding, right? Do they look like Death Eaters?”
Ron said to Harry “Well, we are in hiding, you know. They might be in disguise!”
“Well, Ron, wonderful idea it was to have us hide in case they were Death Eaters. But if they were, they would have already done something to us.” said the girl.
Ron’s ears started to turn as red as his hair. “Right.” He said.
The girl came up to Gale and I with her hand out. We were still cautious, and backed away a bit. She shook her head in disbelief, and said “I’m not going to hurt you! “
I got up and walked up to her, Gale in pursuit, and shook her hand.
“I’m Hermione Granger.” She said. “And these are my friends Ron Weasley,” She gestured to the red haired boy. “And Harry Potter.” She said as she pointed to the black haired boy.
“Oh,” I said. “Well, I’m Katniss Everdeen, and this is Gale.”
“Pleasure.” She said.
“Ok, so what are you guys doing here, exactly?”
“Oh, Well, Hermione, Harry, and I were trying to apparate to somewhere to camp for a few days so we could hide from Death Eaters, which are Lord Voldemort’s followers, in case you didn’t know.” said Ron.
“RON!” Harry said. “What if they’re Muggles? I don’t think they have a clue what you’re talking about!”
“Yeah, Ron,” said Hermione. “Way to blow our cover!”
Ron’s ears went red again.
Well, obviously these guys were weirdos. Death Eaters? Lord Voldemort? MUGGLES? I have definitely missed something here.
“Well? Are you?” said Hermione.
“Umm, depends. What’s a Muggle?” I said
“Yep, they’re Muggles, Hermione. Let’’s go.” said Ron.
“Oh, come on, Ron. Well, I trust you guys, so I’ll tell you a little secret. Muggles are non-magic people. So that means that Harry, Ron, and I are wizards.” said Hermione
Yep. Total wack-jobs. Wizards? Get real. Most magical thing that exists are the mutts that the Capitol makes, and those aren’t even magical!
“So... you guys are aren’t from around here, huh?” said Gale.
“, we’re not,” said Hermione. “we’re from Britain.”

“Hermione, we should probably go, now.” said Harry

Yes! Please! Leave! I thought.

“Um, ok, then,” said Hermione. “Bye!” She waved good-bye.

“Bye, Hermione. Ron, Harry.”
They waved, too.
Hermione walked up to Harry and Ron again and held their hands. She closed her eyes and looked busy. Ok, yep. Nutsos. Nothing happened, of course. She tried again. Nope. One mais time. Nothing.
“Oh, no! I don’t think that this forest will let us Disapparate!” We're gonna have to hang out here. Is that ok with you?”
Oh, joy.
“Yeah! It’s fine! You can stay at my place if you want. I’m sure my sister would amor to meet you!”
I said. I just wanted them out of the way so I could hunt.
“Oh, that would be wonderful! Thank you!” said Hermione.
“Come on, then. Gale, you coming with us?”
“No, I need to hunt.” he said.
“Oh, well, how about I get these guys settled in and then I’ll hunt with you?”
“Sounds like a plan!” See you later, Catnip.”
“Erm.. if you don’t mind me asking, why does he call you “Catnip”?” asked Harry.
“First time I met him, that’s what he thought I said my name was.” I said.

I left my bow and arrows inside the hollowed out árvore I always put them in, and then Harry, Ron, Hermione, and I walked out of the trees and up to the wire fence.
“Umm, Katniss?” said Harry.
“What?” I said.
“Isn’t that fence high-voltage?”
“Nah. It only says that to keep people out of the forest. It is on sometimes, but hardly.”
I slid into the hole that I made under the fence to get to the other side. Harry, Ron and Hermione stood back, scared.
“Oh, come on. It’s not gonna hurt you! “ I said.
Hermione decided that it was pathetic to act like a little wuss, I guess ,and slid in after me. Ron shoved Harry progressivo, para a frente after Hermione and Harry went under, too. Ron went next. They came up out from under the fence after me and followed me to my house in the Victor’s Village.
“It is very pretty here.” said Hermione.
“ Wish I’d lived in a place like this instead of a Cupboard for 11 years.” said Harry. Ok? That wasn’t a weird thing to say.
“What do you mean a “Cupboard”?” I said.
“Oh, well, when my parents were killed, I was sent to live with my aunt and uncle for about 17 years. The didn’t like me. It wasn’t that hard to tell, so they made me live in the cupboard under the stairs till I turned 11. Then I got my cousin’s segundo bedroom.”
“Oh, I’m sorry to hear about your parents. My dad died in a mining explosion. It was really sad. They couldn’t find anything left of him but a few pieces.”
Harry didn’t look too good after that, like he was going to puke or something. Was it really that gross? Wuss.
“Well, here you are!” I said as we entered the doorway to my house. “Make yourself at home!”
I heard footsteps coming down the staircase. It was Prim.
“KATNISS!” Screamed Prim. She ran at me and hugged me so tight. I hugged her back. It was good to know that she wasn't killed in the Hunger Games. She let go of me and looked at Harry, Ron, and Hermione.
“Who are they?” she asked.
“I’m Harry Potter, and these are my friends, Ron Weasley,” Ron waved, “and Hermione Granger.” she waved, too.
Prim waved back, and then turned to me and whispered, “Why are they here?
I got down on my knees and whispered back into Prim’s ear, “Because they need a place to stay and we have mais than enough room. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll really get along!” I got up off my knees and said, “Well, I need to get back to Gale. I’ll see you later. Have fun!” I smiled and waved and headed out the door.
I walked out of Victor’s Village and up to the fence surrounding District 12. I listened for the familiar buzz that meant the fence was on. I didn’t hear the buzz, but I heard a scream. It was Gale. I went under the fence and into the forest and grabbed my bow and arrows out of the árvore as fast as I could. There were hardly any dangerous animais in the forest. Maybe the occasional bear. It would just be bad luck that he decided that Gale would get mauled por one when I wasn’t there, right? But that just doesn’t seem like Gale.
I ran as fast as I could through the forest, watching for signs of a bear, or another animal. I didn’t hear Gale scream again, and didn’t want to think the worst. Gale had to be alive! He is... Gale! He is so tough, it almost seems impossible he would die. I finally found Gale. He looked fine. I ran up to him, my Arqueiro loaded in my bow in case something came up out of nowhere. There was no one or thing in sight. I looked at Gale. Nothing.
“Gale? Gale, are you ok?” No response. “Gale!” He just kept looking at the ground. “Gale Hawthorne! Look at me!” Gale looked up at me. His eyes were blank, Not the usual grey that they always were. “Gale, what happened?”
“Nothing happened, Catnip.” He said. It didn’t sound like Gale. It was his voice, definitely, but it was a hard, there was no tone of happiness. He sounded like he was possesed. That was when I looked up at the sky and saw black streaks. They looked like smoke. They were coming down toward Gale and I. There were about five of them when they landed around me. Each one was hooded and had a mask on. They were all pointing a stick at me. I didn’t know what to think. Scary? Confusing? Crazy? Screwed up?
I aimed my Arqueiro at the nearest on and hit him in the heart. The remaining four said some strange words that sounded like stupid fly, abrakadabra , and cruise io. At each of these words, bright as cores shot out of each of their sticks. Maybe Hermione wasn’t kidding about being wizards.
I shot another Arqueiro at another one of these people. I hit him in the knee, so he fell in pain. The one that I killed earlier was lying on the ground, and one of these people were trying to revive him. While he was occupied, I shot an Arqueiro at his head, which was the only place I could get a clear shot, and hit him.. He fell over the one he was trying to revive, and the last two were pointing their sticks at me.I aimed my Arqueiro at one of them, but missed.
I reached back to grab another arrow, but I was out. I got up, but one of the hooded people grabbed me around the neck and put me in a hold. I couldn’t get free. The other person that wasn’t holding me was pointing his stick at me. This is when I realized that Gale wasn’t helping. Why isn't he helping?
“Now, what are we going to do with you?” the man pointing the stick at me said. His voice was a low, boring drawl. I was kicking around, trying to get free. “It’d be a shame to kill you. You’re such a skilled fighter. But I don’t think that you are one of our kind.” He got down on his knee and came close to me. “You do know who we are, don’t you?” I just stared at him. “We are the Death Eaters. There is no way you’ll defeat us. We're too powerful.” He brushed the hair out of my face that had come out of my braid from the fight. He took his mask off and I saw his face. He had a pointed nose, and long, white blonde hair. His eyes were cold.
“Are you sure about that? I think I could beat your sissy little girl bunda any day.” I said. He punched me in to mouth. He came close to me again, his eyes filled with hate. “You are in no position to make threats!” I spit the blood from my mouth into his face. He wiped it off and told the other Death Eater, “Kill her!” I could feel his hands heading to my neck, ready to break it, when Gale finally jumped up and pushed him over. The Death Eater let go of me, and I looked over and saw Gale tackling the Death Eater that was holding me. “Lucius!” he screamed. “Lucius, help!”
I guess that Lucius was the Death Eater that I spat at, because he came running after Gale, his stick raised. Before he could hurt Gale, I tackled him. He fell over and dropped his stick. It rolled across the forest floor.
“You’re pretty useless without your little twig, now aren’t you?” I said to Lucius as he struggled to get up from under me. He and the other Death Eater turned into smoke and flew out like they did in. That’s when I remembered the Death Eater that I had shot in the knee. I grabbed one of the arrows out of the dead Death Eaters and put it through his heart. He fell over, dead, and I retrieved the rest of the arrows from the bodies. I put them back in my sheath. I went up to Gale and hugged him tightly. We let go of each other and I looked into his eyes. They were full of life again. I smiled, which I rarely do, and asked him again, “What happened to you? Why were you so vacant?”
He gave me an actual answer, this time.
“Those....people, found me and put a curse on me! It sounded something like Imperio, I think. But once it was on me, I wasn't myself. I’m sorry.”
“Don’t worry about it, you saved my life! Now come on, we should probably get out of here.”
I walked over to Lucius’s stick and picked it up. It had a carved design around it, it looked very beautiful.
“Ok, come on.” I walked to the edge of the forest with Gale following me,. I put my bow and arrows into the hollowed out tree, but then realized that Ron had said that he, Hermione and Harry were hiding from the Death Eaters. What if the Death Eaters found them? And if they have, what about Prim? I grabbed my bow and arrows back out of the árvore and ran, ran as fast as I could towards Victor’s Village. Gale running along in my wake.
“Catnip, what are you doing?” Gale asked.
“Remember when Ron said the Death Eaters were looking for them?”
“What if the Death Eaters found them?”
At this, Gale started running faster, and I tried to keep up. We got to my house and went inside. The lights were out and no one was there. I ran upstairs to see if they were there. Still no one. No Harry, no Ron, no Hermione, no mom... and no Prim.
I dropped to my knees and started to cry. Gale put his hands on my shoulders and patted my back. This couldn’t be happening! What would the Death Eaters want with Prim? This was all my fault. If I’d only let Harry, Ron, and Hermione stay in the woods with Gale and I! Then Prim would still be here, and the Death Eaters would be gone, and I could have let Harry, Ron, and Hermione get a head start!

I remembered Lucius’s stick that I picked up in the woods. I took it out of my pocket and examined it.
I let him get away. I thought. I threw the stick across the room and it hit the mural with a bang.Large red sparks flew out of the end of it. I opened the window to get some fresh air, maybe dry my tears, when a bright silver lontra flew in through the window. It landed on the floor and stared at me. It’s mouth opened and said words in Hermione’s voice.
“Katniss, Prim and your mother are with us. We are in the forest. We don’t know where, exactly. You probably know the woods better than any of us. Please help! We are hiding from the Death Eaters! It is all Ron’s fault! I’ll explain later.”
This gave me the one small shred of hope I needed. I got to my feet and grabbed my bow and arrows. I ran across the room and picked up Lucius’s stick.
“Come on, Gale! They're okay!” I felt myself smile bigger than I could have ever done before. I bolted down the stairs and flung the door open. Gale was running behind me. I ducked under the fence into the woods, and as I entered the trees, I stopped. Gale finally caught up to me, and leaned on my shoulder, out of breath.
“What’s wrong, Catnip? Come on! Your sister’s safe! What are you waiting for?”
“How are we going to find them? They could be anywhere!” That’s when it hit me. I had used this tactic in the Arena with Rue! Mockingjays! I fingered the pin that Madge had given me when I took Prim’s place in the Reaping. I whistled the tune I had used to signal to Rue I was okay before she died. I heard the continuous echos of the Mockingjays repeating my whistle.
“Do you think Hermione knows what that means? The Mockingjays?” questioned Gale.
“I don’t think so. I was just making sure there were Mockingjays around.”
I yelled in a singsong voice so that the Mockingjays would repeat what I said. “Hermione! We’re okay! Where are you!”
The melody picked up and a thousand different birds repeated what I said.
“Hermione!” I repeated!
Then I heard it before the birds carried the sound to us. It was Hermione screaming. I could hear Ron yelling, and Prim crying. I ran towards the noises with my bow loaded, my sheath of arrows slung over my shoulder, ready to kill whatever was hurting my sister and my new friends. I finally came into a clearing, Hermione was huddled in a corner with her arms shielding Prim and my mother. Her own stick, which i have now come to the conclusion that they were wands, was lying on the other side of the clearing. Harry’s wand was drawn, pointing at a Death Eater that was attempting to harm Hermione.
“Expelliarmus!” Ron shouted the Death Eaters wand flew across the forest towards Gale and I. Gale caught it in one rápido, swift movement and I shot my Arqueiro at the now unarmed Death Eater. I hit him in the back and loaded another arrow. Before I shot at the seguinte Death Eater I saw, I saw how many Death Eaters were there. At least five mais than I had fought in the forest earlier. I recognized Lucius immediately. He was yelling commands at the other Death Eaters. Foolish to come here in the middle of the fight without a weapon. I thought as I remembered his wand I picked up before I ran into the forest.
I shot the Arqueiro straight at Lucius, but missed, because just as I shot my arrow, a large flame grazed my arm. I dropped my bow, and clutched my arm where the spell had hit me. My camisa was singed. I looked around and saw a Death Eater pointing his wand at me, ready to strike again. But before he could mouth the jinx, and Arqueiro flew past me and hit him in the heart. I looked behind me to see where the Arqueiro had come from, and Gale was standing there with my bow, another Arqueiro in his hand, ready to kill another Death Eater before they could hurt me again.
Ducking, I ran up to Hermione’s wand and picked it up. I ran into the trees and around the fight to where Hermione was. I grabbed Prim por the hand and tossed Hermione her wand, she caught it and let Prim go.
“Hermione, you have to get out of here! What happened!?” I said
“R-Ron,” she said, shaking. “H-he said You-Know-Who’s name! They track people when they say it!”
”You-Know-Who? Isn’t that Vold-”

She slapped her hand over my mouth. “No! Katniss! Don’t say it! We don’t need mais Death Eater

“Right, sorry...”

“Katniss, get Prim and your Mum out of here! It isn’t safe! Harry, Ron, and I.. We exposed you! Muggles aren't supposed to know about magic! If the Ministry of Magic finds out... Oh, I don’t even want to know what would happen to you!”

“I’ll take Prim and my Mother somewhere safe. I’ll come back and help you get rid of these guys!”

“Oh, Katniss, just be careful!”

“You, too. I’ll be right back.”

I grabbed my mother’s hand, and she and Prim followed me. We ran as fast as we could to the edge of the forest, but before we were within a yard of the the edge of the trees, a Death Eater appeared before Prim, my Mother and I. I reached behind me to grab an arrow,but before I could, a jet of red light hit Prim in the chest. I shoved an Arqueiro through his chest, and ran over to Prim. I felt her wrist for a pulse. She was alive, but I don’t know what t happened to her. Mother kneeled por Prim’s head and looked at me, hoping for reassurance.

“She’s alive.” I told her.

She looked at me, relieved. “But what happened to her?”

“I don’t know, but that Death Eater used magic to do whatever he did to her. I’m almost positive that Harry, Ron, or Hermione will know.”

“We need to go... before mais Death Eaters come.”

I grabbed Prim around the waist and hoisted her over my shoulder. We got to the gate that separates the forest from District 12. I put Prim under the gate, then I went under myself. My mother followed me,. We quickly hid behind the nearest building, and I put Prim down.

“Where are we going to go? I don’t think we should go back to the house.” I said.

“Maybe we could go to the Hob? I’m sure Greasy Sae could help us...” said Mother.

“Ok, let’s go.”

I picked Prim up again, and put her back over my shoulder. My mother and I walked behind the buildings so no one would see us, and we entered the Hob, skirting the walls. No one payed any attention to us. We finally reached where Greasy Sae was standing. Mother tapped her on the back. She turned around quickly, looking startled.

“Oh! Hello Katniss, Mrs. Everdeen. How can I help you today?” Greasy Sae chortled.

“Listen, Sae. Something very serious is going on right now, and Prim was hurt. I’m afraid to send them,” I pointed at Prim and my mother, “back to our house in case something happens. I really need a favor from you.” I said seriously. Greasy Sae looked at me concerned, and worried. “ I really need you to look after Prim and my mother while I sort this out. And keep a lookout. I don’t want you hurt.” I dropped Prim off of my shoulder and kissed her forehead. My mother opened her arms as to give me a hug. I hugged her, but reluctantly at first. Since the Games I’ve been trying to make amends with her, but I could never fully forgive her for zoning out since my father died, and left Prim and I to fend for ourselves. But I know she couldn’t help it.

I left the Hob and ran back to the fence separating the forest from District 12. I found my way back to the clearing where Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Gale were fighting por listening for their screams and shouts. I burst through the trees and looked around. Three Death Eaters were standing, the others strewn across the forest floor. Lucius was nowhere to be seen among the unconscious and the fighting. Must have fled. Wuss. I thought. Harry, Ron and Hermione were still fighting the Death Eaters. I couldn’t see Gale anywhere. But just as Harry shot a flash of scarlet light at a Death Eater, I saw Gale. Lying on the ground with my bow and several arrows around him. My coração sank. As a jet of green light was shot my way, I ran towards Gale and picked up my bow and arrows. I aimed and shot one of the nearest Death Eaters. Two mais to go. A flash of red light hit me square in the chest and I fell. Everything went dark.

➷ ➷ ➷
“Katniss? Katniss!” I heard Hermione's voice, but it was a distant echo. Soon everything came into focus, and I could see Hermione’s face swim into view. “Katniss, are you ok?”
“I-I’m fine... Where’s Gale?!” I looked around frantically.
“He’s ok.” said Hermione. “He is over there. “ She pointed to the other side of the clearing. “ He was stunned. So were you. Are you sure you’re ok?”
“I’m fine.” I got up and stumbled over to where Gale was lying. I kneeled por his side and held his hand. “Are you sure he’s ok, Hermione?”
As Hermione joined my side, she knelt por Gale, too. “I’m positive. He’s just resting. We are just lucky he wasn’t killed... Is Prim and your mother alright?”
Then I remembered Prim getting hit por the Death Eater earlier.

“I left them with my friend, Sae... But Prim was hit por a Death Eater before we got out of the forest.” I said

“N-Not with a jet of green light, I hope. Please tell me it wasn’t a green light!” Hermione’s lip began to tremble.

“No! No, It was a red light.” I reassured her.

“Oh, ok, good. Then I think Prim was stunned as well. We can fix her up. We’ll go once Gale wakes up.”

“So what happened... when I was out?”

“The last two Death Eaters turned out to be Bellatrix and Travers. They both escaped. If they tell You-Know-Who where we are... That wouldn’t be good.” She laughed. “And knowing Bellatrix, she wouldn’t miss it for the world. Well, the wizarding world, that is. She really hates Muggles. But Harry, Ron, and I, we can put protective enchantments around your..erm.. District? Is that what you call it? You’ll be fine.”

Gale started mumbling. He sat up and looked at Hermione and I groggily.

“Wuzza...What happened?” He asked sleepily. But when he saw me unhurt, his eyes opened even wider than normal. He jumped up and hugged me tightly. “Katniss! You’re ok! Where is Prim and your Mom?” he looked around.

“They're fine! We were going to go see them once you woke up.” said Hermione.

Just then, a sharp pain ran through my arm light an electric shock. “Argh!” I yelled.

“Katniss, what’s wrong?!” Shrieked Hermione. Ron and Harry got up from where they were sitting on the other side of the clearing and quickly came over to me.

“M-my arm! It hurts! I got hit during the fight. The spell, it looked like fire!”

“Let me see it.” Said Hermione frantically.

I lifted the sleeve of my camisa up and she looked at my arm. There was a long angry red streak running up my arm.

“W-What’s wrong with it?” I asked.

“ Looks like the Fire-Making Charm...Incendio. That is an all time low for a Death Eater..” said Hermione. “Hmm...Vulnera Sanentur.” She pointed her wand at my wound and it healed instantly. I flexed my arm and I couldn’t feel a thing. I smiled.
“We should probably go get Prim and my mother...” I said.
Harry, Ron, Hermione, Gale, and I all left the clearing and entered the Hob. It was twice as crowded . Eventually we found our way to Greasy Sae, where my mother was huddled up in the corner, stroking Prim’s hair. Prim was still unconscious, and Sae was cooking her bobó, guisado to sell. Greasy Sae saw me and Gale, but clearly didn’t recognize Harry, Ron, and Hermione. She rushed over to us and led us over to Prim and mother.
“I couldn’t find out what was wrong with her, and your mother tried some remedies... Prim is still out cold.” Sae informed.

“I know what to do...” said Hermione, walking forward. She knelt over Prim and, blocking it from Sae’s view, pointed her wand at Prim. “Renovate.” she whispered. Prim sat up immediately, though a little dazed, and looked around.

“Where am I? What happened?! Katniss!” Prim spotted me hovering over Hermione’s shoulder as she revived Prim. Prim stood up and stumbled a little, still clearly confused and worried, but rushed over to me as fast as she could. she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tightly. I hugged her back.

“What happened?” Prim asked as she turned around.

“We’ll tell you later. Not here.” Harry said. “It’s a little secret.”

I smirked. “C’mon, Prim.” With my hand on her back, I led Prim out of the Hob and up the road. Mother, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Gale followed. Hermione jogged to catch up the Prim and I, and I asked,

“Do you think it’s seguro enough to go up to the house?”

“As long as you don’t say You-Know-Who’s name, you’re fine.” Hermione answered.

“But don’t you think that the Death Eaters will come back for the guys we left in the clearing? what if they come back for us, looking for you?”

“Well, like I said before, I like and trust you. Harry, Ron, and I will put protective charms around your... erm...District, right? They won’t see, hear, or hurt you.

“Nice. No one will see us? Maybe the Capitol can make it look like we were the seguinte District 13, and we were blown off the map! No mais Hunger Games!” I pumped my fists in the air and Prim laughed. Hermione looked at me questioningly.

“What are Hunger Games?” she asked.

“A fight to the death on live TV. Only one person can come out.”

Hermione’s eyes opened wide when I said death.“A-Are you serious?” she asked me frantically.

“Yeah. I’ll tell you about it later. I don’t like talking about it much in front of Little Duck, here” I squeezed Prim’s arm. Hermione just stared at me.

“Little Duck?” said a voice behind me. Ron started to laugh. Harry, Ron, Gale and mother must have caught up behind us.

“Shut up. It’s her nickname. I didn’t see you laughing at Catnip, Gingerbread.” I snapped. Ron stopped laughing immediately. “So, what now?” I asked

“Well, we have put you in loads of danger already just being here. We really should go.” Hermione said, hanging her head.

“What? You don’t have to go now, do you?” Prim pleaded. “You can stay with us for a bit.”

“No! We can’t! It’s too dangerous!” Hermione said.








“No! It’s not that we don’t want to, but we-”


“Oh, fine! It’s your head .And somewhat ours. But, fine.”

“YAY!” Prim shouted.

“C’mon. Let’s get back to the house.” I said.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Prim, Gale, mother, and I walked from the Hob to Victor’s Village, Harry, Ron, and Hermione rather reluctantly, and came up to my house. When we were all inside, harry, Ron, and Hermione just sat on our couch, doing nothing. We did plead them to be here... I thought. We should have let them go...

“You know, If you really don’t want to be here, we’re not forcing you to stay...” I informed them.

“That’s ok, we’ll leave in the morning” Harry said.

“You three must be hungry... Is there anything I can get you?” Mother said.

“No...” Said Hermione and Harry at the same time.

“Umm, can I have a-” Ron started, but stopped when Hermione glared at him. “Never mind.”

Hermione got up from the sofá and walked over to the window. She peeled the curtains back an inch and peered out the window for an hour.

“I don’t think there are anymore Death Eaters... We’re safe. But still...” Hermione said after a long period of silence.

“‘But still...’ what? said Ron.

“Harry, Ron, come with me.” Hermione gestured to Harry and Ron to follow her outside. All three of them went outside with their wands out, pointing at our house. I went outside with them, and I saw they were putting the enchantments they promised over my house.

“Silencio. Protego Maxima. Fianto Duri. Repello Inimicum.”Harry whispered, and I saw a large transparent magic dome go over my house.

Hermione came around the other side of my house and met up with me.

“It’s quite intriguing, isn’t it?” Hermione said to me.

“Yeah... I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Well, that’s normal for me. So, tell me about these Hunger Games.”

“Well, at least 75 years ago, us Districts rebelled against the Capitol, well, we weren’t Districts at the time, but the Rebels lost, and the Capitol divided us all into 13 Districts, and so that we remembered the war, every ano they have The Hunger Games. They take one boy and one girl from each District, except for District 13... That was obliterated a long time ago. So, 24 tributes are trained for about two weeks, and then are sent into an arena, where only one person can come out alive... You’re supposed to killed each other. It’’s awful!” Immediately, imagens from the arena swam into my memory. Rue’s body, Tracker Jackers, Mutt dogs... “ I won them last year...Me and my friend Peeta...We made the Capitol tweak the rules a little so we both won. I did it for Prim... She was picked to be in the Hunger Games... I took her place. That’s why I don’t like talking about it in front of her.”

“Oh, wow. I am so sorry!” Hermione was shocked.

“It’s ok. I’m fine. I wonder what they’re going to do for the Quarter Quell...

Harry and Ron came over to Hermione and I. They went inside and Hermione followed. I stayed outside for a minute, and went inside, too. Mother was cooking dinner, and Hermione was making blue flames in her hands to entertain Prim. She had yellow birds flying around her head that Ron eyed frantically.

“Dinner!” Mother shouted from the kitchen. We all got up, and Hermione put out the flames and made the birds disappear. We all ate dinner, which was one of my favoritos from before I went into the arena, cordeiro bobó, guisado with dried plums.

After dinner, Hermione went back to entertaining Prim with magic. She started with the blue flames again, then, once mais producing the birds, made them fly at Ron. Everyone laughed but him.

“It wasn’t funny the first time, either, Hermione!” he said.

“So? I wasn’t trying to be funny the first time, Ronald.” she retorted.

This went on for a few hours until it was almost 11 at night.

“I’m going to go to bed...” I said. “You guys can sleep wherever you like... Night.”

Harry, Ron and Hermione said goodnight, and Prim hugged me. I went upstairs and slipped into bed. I fell asleep immediately.

➷ ➷ ➷

I was running. There were bright flashes everywhere behind me. Several passing por my head. There were large shadows behind me, too. A green light flashed behind me and was about to hit me. A light appeared ahead, like a doorway. I ran as fast as I could to the door. The green light was inches from me, I had to run. Run faster. Faster.
I woke in a cold sweat. Sure enough, my door was open. I was about to conclude that Prim’s cat, Buttercup, had opened the door, when I saw two figures hovering in the doorway. It was Harry and Ron. I looked around my room and Hermione was standing in front of me, her wand out and pointing at me.
“Hermione? What are you doing?” I asked.
“Obliviate.” She whispered.
 Just thought it was funny
Just thought it was funny
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