Classes up until lunch went por in a blur except for finding out that Eve, Emmah, and Mellissa all had the same schedule. The three girls walked over to an empty mesa, tabela and sat down. "So, you guys, what do you think Ms.Winters wants us to come to her for? You don't think it's one of her discipline lectures, do you? I sure hope not. One time I heard someone was in there for an hour!" Emmah said.

"I honestly don't know. oi Eve, where'd you get that bracelet? It looks so cute. It would look cuter in purple though." Mellissa said. Both Eve and Emmah had a confused look on their face. "Me? I don't wear bracelets. What are you talking abou---" Eve looked down and saw a beaded black bracelet around her wrist. "And Mel, you already have a purple one." Emmah said like it was obvious. Mellissa looked at her wrist too. Sitting there was a purple bracelet, identical to Eve's black one. "Emmah, check your wrist too!" Mellissa said in a panic. Emmah looked down and saw a white one. "Maybe we should go see Ms.Winters now. It could take our mind off this crazy stuff." Eve said getting up from the round lunch table. "Good idea" "Agreed" Mellissa and Emmah said at the same time while getting up and grabbing their bags.

Mellissa knocked on the closed door of the classroom. Ms. Winters appeared in the doorway. "Oh! Girls! Come in, quick!" She said, then gazed down to the three girl's wrists. "Oh, you three got the wrong ones. That happens. Now hurry in here!" The four of them stepped inside the classroom and sat down. "So, is this about us being late? Because we can explain..." Eve began. "No. This is mais serious, but you can't tell another soul." Ms.Winters said. The girls nodded. "I'm a wizard." Ms.Winters said in a serious tone. "Sure, I've heard you're a wizard at science." Emmah said casually. "I'm serious, girls. Watch." Ms.Winters snapped her fingers and the bracelets on the girls' wrists disappeared and lockets appeared around their necks. Eve's was black, Mellissa's purple, Emmah's white. Just then, the door opened. Three other girls stepped in. "Great, you're all here." Ms.Winters said.

After Ms.Winters explained everything to the other three girls, Ms.Winters said "Now for the big part." "I called you six and others in here to tell you that you aren't normal either." "Woah woah woah, you're telling me we are wizards?!" Mellissa exclaimed. "No. You, Mellissa, are a werewolf. Eve, you're a vampire. Emmah, a yeti." The girls sat with their mouths open. Victoriea, one of the other three girls, said "Well what are we?" "Juelia, you're a sea monster. Victoriea's a---well, your voice can make people crazy. So, you're a phantom. Elizabethe, you're a mummy. But you guys need to go to your seguinte class. Come here every Wednesday same time. Remember, don't tell anybody, not even your parents!" Ms.Winters said. "Now go!"

When all of the girls were outside the classroom, there was a long gap of silence. "We are SO out of here, I can't believe Ms.W thought we'd fall for that crap." Juelia complained. "Peace! And you better not believe you three are a vampire werewolf and yeti. Honestly, come on." Juelia, Elizabethe, and Victoriea strutted off to their classes. "Should we believe Ms.Winters? It does sound a bit crazy." Eve said. Look, we'll do a three way call tonight and talk about it. Kay?" Mellissa said reassuringly. "Agreed." Emmah and Eve said at the same time, then the girls scurried off to class.