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posted by victoria7011
Well hey!This is a list of 20 things to annoy your parents...

1.Say "thats hot!" after EVERY thing you say

2.Take all of the toilet paper from the bathroom and try to sell it to ur parents.

3.Look through magazines and shout loudly "BRITTANY IS MARRIED TO A CAVE MAN!" and other aleatório things whenever your parents are near you.

4.When they say a word from a song you know,burst into that song.

5.Tap on their door all night.

6.At everything they say yell "LIAR!!"

7.Hold their hand and whisper to them "I see dead people."

8.Switch the light button on and off for awhile. Then say "Oh...I get it!"

9.Have 20 imaginary friends that you talk to ALL the time.

10.Whisper to a pen/pencil whenever they ask you something and make the pen/pencil tell the answer.

11.Pluck there hair out and yell "DNA!!!"

12.Moo when they say your name.

13.Follow them around the house everywhere.

14.Dress in there clothes and when they see you, say that these clothes look like they were for grannys/grandads.

15.Tap on their door all night.

16.Look at them with a troll face for about 10 minutos then go back to normal and ask why they are staring at you.

17.When theyre not looking, fling a ball at them and say it was your friend.

18.Turn off the TV when theyre watching it.

19.When your about to fart, say AHHHHHH IM ABOUT TO BLOW THIS PLACE UP!Then fart and jump into the air.

20.Pretend to pick a bogey out your nose and fling it at them.

Hoped you enjoyed them!:)
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When creating a list of 100 ways to motivate yourself it struck that there were some commonalities inherent in a lot of the entries. Most of the items on the list consist of a physical or emotional state that you don’t currently have but can make into a goal of some type that you can then strive after. The motivation in this is two fold if you keep in mind that the journey or striving is just as important as the goal or endpoint. If you can periodically look at how far you have come from where you started then the distance left to the goal won’t matter as much because you will have a sense...
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posted by AnnaSmiley
Coca-Cola would be green if colouring weren’t added to it.

What is called a "French kiss" in the English speaking world is known as an "English kiss" in France.

The average lead pencil will draw a line 35 miles long or write approximately 50,000 English words

In 1386, a pig in France was executed por public hanging for the murder of a child

You can't kill yourself por holding your breath

There is a city called Rome on every continent

It's against the law to burp, or sneeze in a church in Nebraska, USA.

Dolphins sleep with one eye open!

It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open

Queen Elizabeth I...
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#10 Ask if they have change for a penny.
#9 Have one of your friends hit you on the back and spit out a piece of white gum or a tic-tak, this will make people think they broke your tooth.
#8 Go to the mall and ask people if they have change for the payphone. Don't stop until you have $20 or more.
#7 If you have to write a story for English class, write: Once upon a time, The end, and turn it in.
#6 After a lesson, if the teacher ask if there are any questions, ask something completely randon like "Where do bebês come from?"
#5 If the teacher leaves during the middle of a movie, get up and change the channel to Spongebob or música videos.
#4 Go around cantar the Free Credit songs.
#3 Go around hitting people on the head and say: "Could've had a v8."
#2 Get a bra and use it to shoot eggs at people.
#1 When the intercom comes on, drop to your knees and yell, "NO! It's those voices again!
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posted by Bluekait
Your butt is wide, well mine is too
Just watch your mouth or I'll sit on you
The word is out, better treat me right
'Cause I'm the king of cellulite
Ham on, ham on, ham on whole wheat, all right

My zippers bust, my buckles break
I'm too much man for you to take
The pavement cracks when I fall down
I've got mais chins than Chinatown

Well, I've never used a phone booth
And I've never seen my toes
When I'm goin' to the movies
I take up seven rows

Because I'm fat, I'm fat, come on
(Fat, fat, really, really fat)
You know I'm fat, I'm fat, you know it
(Fat, fat, really, really fat)
You know I'm fat, I'm fat, come...
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WEIRD similarities between lincoln and Kennedy:

Abraham lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846. John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.

Abraham lincoln was elected President in 1860. John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960.

Both were shot in the back of the head in the presence of their wives.

Both wives lost their children while living in the White House.

Both Presidents were shot on a Friday. (Gotta get down...)

Lincoln's secretary was named Kennedy.

Both were succeeded por Southerners named Johnson.

Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808. Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908.

lincoln was shot in the Ford Theatre. Kennedy was shot in a Lincoln, made por Ford.

lincoln was shot in a theater and his assassin ran and hid in a warehouse. Kennedy was shot from a warehouse and his assassin ran
and hid in a theater.

Booth and Oswald were assassinated before their trials.
posted by ShiningsTar542
Rebecca doesn't only want to be known for her unforgettable song “Friday” so she is going to do everything in her power to create a cool new album.

Yes indeed, Rebecca has become famous thanks to her annoying song Friday and has got a record deal for a Cd with five mais songs, can you believe it? :/

Rebecca, is known-for and hated for “Friday”, she has even said that she doesn't like the song....we're not sure we believe that.

So on her seguinte CD Rebecca promises to have a mais natural sound than in Friday, and that she, at least, will like her's amazing how much power the Internet has! It makes and breaks stars.

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posted by ShadowFan100
(This is a lil...inspirational/moral speech about what a Human truly is. And don't get offended when it mentions "God"--it's my right to believe in Him)

I'm sure there's a lot of people who often wonder what it means to be human--what a human IS exactly. Some might say we're unimportant, not special, not amazing. And even possibly (dare I say) nothing mais than just a of bunch mutated wild beast that came from the animal kingdom, who are only capable of destroying themselves beyond any hope of being redeemed of our dark side.

Well, that's not true--and IDC HOW many of your so-called "facts" tell...
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1.Tell someone you truly trust about your trouble.
2.Talk to your friends.

3.Go outside (somewhere you can relax when you visit) and don't say I am not in the mood.

4.Cry when you feel that you need it and don't think crying is weakness.

5.Bring a piece of paper and write/draw whatever you want .

6.Take a chuveiro with a cold/warm water .

7.Listen to classic música .

8.Drink a frutas suco, suco de or anything cold.

And in the end remember that life goes on and never stops ...You have to live it as it is and it's your choice to be happy or sad :)

With my amor .....
posted by LaDispute
I was staring at myself in the mirror, eyeing the scars and wondering how I would make them go away in time for the spring break trip I'm taking with my family to Florida.

Now, I don't cut myself often, but when I do the cuts are deep and they leave wide, bright rosa, -de-rosa gashes behind. That kind of stuff is hard to hide.

The reason for the cutting? I use it as what a shrink might call a "coping mechanism." Sometimes things build up inside of me, little things and big things. As time lengthens between cutting sessions it's like I can feel the pressure inside of me pressing outwards on my skin, taking...
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posted by MineTurtle
Just to let you know, this is NOT mine. I found it on another website.

My Child,

You may not know me, but I know everything about you. Psalm 139:1

I know when you sit down and when you rise up. Psalm 139:2

I am familiar with all your ways. Psalm 139:3

Even the very hairs on your head are numbered.
Matthew 10:29-31

For you were made in my image. Genesis 1:27

In me you live and mover and have your being. Acts 17:28

For you are my offspring. Acts 17:28

I knew you even before you were conceived. Jeremiah 1:4-5

I chose you when I planned creation. Ephesians 1:11-12

You were not a mistake, for all your days are...
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posted by danmarino900
My friend (I won't use her real name) ill call her "Jessica", was once kind of suicidle and she got really sad one night so she found a bunch of pills (she doesent know what they are) and swallowed them. She had really bad stomach pains since then (its been a month, and the stomach pains have been going away slowly) Also, she gets the pains when she eats. Although the pain slowly keeps becoming easier, it doesent seem to be going away. She does not want anyone but me to know, so she doesent want to see a doctor either because that would involve her telling someone. (She especially doesent want her parents to know). Any medical help or ideas as to what it might be or what she can do to fix herself?
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