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Official red flags for users

>Using an excessive amount of the same laughing crying emojis on a site meant for computers
>Continuing to post perguntas about an obscure topic that no one supports even though no one is replying
>Being borderline homosex with a video game character about o espaço aliens and using them as a fórum signature and your e-persona
>Claiming to go on a hiatus then coming back a mês later
>Reposting six ano old frases about old/deleted users
>Makes lists about people that barely even come on here anymore

>"Sorry for errors I'm on mobile"
>Age 100
>No ícone / generic icon
>Overwatch icons
>Unironically signaturing
>Links for their entire everything on their account
>Puts their phone number
>Using real life pictures on a fansite meant for Norwegian database analytics
>Unironically Zootopia RPing
>Uses arrows
>Flexing VPNs/VMWare
>Using hashtags on a site that doesn't permit them

>Reuses passwords
>Beyond shattered screen
>Leaves the laptop open in public
>islanders with early 2000s minivans going 10 mph under the speed limit

federal offenses
>uses OSx WITH Android
>or Surface with iOS
>Blasting música while browsing shillstagram at 11pm and wondering why tyreese's g00ns are jumping you
>VMing on the clearnet
>Using your credit card on the deep web

<add your own>
Not gonna lie. Guilty as charged on some of them !!!!
TheLefteris24 posted faz 29 dias
simrananime posted faz 29 dias
Hiatus one is me xD
simrananime posted faz 29 dias
Fuck red flags.
Ranty-cat posted faz 26 dias
 SombraLyf posted faz 29 dias
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zanhar1 said:
>Reposting six ano old frases about old/deleted users
>Sorry for errors I'm on mobile
>Obscure Topics

Lmao me. Definitely me. *Is absolutely on mobile and probably making a shit to of typos*
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posted faz 28 dias 
ShadowFan100 said:
>Tends to hang out in 1 club most of the time, despite having fanned a multitude of clubs.
>Has mais than 10 fans, but only ever talks to certain ones.
>Uses fanpop both on mobile and on desktop/laptop all at once.
>Has used a real pic of himself as an icon.
>Is inconsistent with lingo, words and phrases he uses.

I only added that last one because at one point, I use to say “y’ll” a lot. But then dropped it.
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posted faz 28 dias 
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