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How do you cope up with stress? What do you do to relax?

What I do-

1) Smoke pot or crack
2) Watch animê or filmes / tv series
3) Go for a walk in the park
4) pet
I'm sure you hear this a lot but smoking crack really isn't a good idea
Riku114 posted faz 8 meses
 BlueDopamine posted faz 8 meses
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1012jackson said:
I would relax now but I just can't. I'm kinda angry about something right now. And what I'm trying to do to ease my anger up is watch mortal kombat fatalities on YouTube and that's what I'm doing right now. So that's my relaxation for now. Watching blood and guts flying around from a video game. There's nothing like hearing that tough deep voice saying "finish him!" Or "finish her!"
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posted faz 8 meses 
Zeppie said:
Walk dogs
Play video games
Spend time with partner
Watch a movie
Drink a jug of green tea
Go for a drive, blast Queen
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posted faz 8 meses 
twinklestar11 said:
Hang out with my cat
listen to bts

always works
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posted faz 8 meses 
BabyBlud said:
Smoking pot isn't always the best way to go even though it is legal in some states of the USA i believe. Smoking crack is just down right moronic.

I find it easier to relax and de-stress when doing something, such as cleaning. Going for a walk or a nice cup of chá either alone or with a friend can help. I also like to read and can lose myself in the story.
Putting yourself out of the situation that is causing the stress and forgetting about it for a little while seems to be the way to go i've found.
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posted faz 8 meses 
Sparklefairy375 said:
1. Sleep (trust me it always works to forget your life problems for a while)
2. Going to a quiet place outside to relax
3. Watch something funny (films/tv shows/anything!)
4. Listen to some of favorito songs
5. Eat something sweet like chocolate
6. Drink something cold (cold water, ice tea/coffee, etc)
7. Take a bath
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posted faz 8 meses 
zanhar1 said:
1. Music
2. dia Dreaming
3. Writing
4. Reading
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posted faz 8 meses 
Riku114 said:
I cope with stress por working unhealthy amounts usually XD Its a bit of a problem but I hide my stress in progress and work but that lowkey doesnt ACTUALLY lower my stress and lowkey adds onto it so its kinda bad XD

I have other methods of destressing, but usually thats my go-to whether I notice that Im doing it or not. I also do occasionally go on bike rides or listen to música and eat a daily meal or do band stuff but... yeah XD

As for relaxing, I dont really relax too well unless I have someone there to make me relax since I almost always get ansty and anxious when Im not focused, working, or thinking.
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posted faz 8 meses 
JetBlack__ said:
If it’s something too stressful to handle I sleep it off.
Walking is good ^^

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posted faz 8 meses 
BlindBandit92 said:
I consume media. Tons of it. Sleeping,mediating,eating,etc
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posted faz 8 meses 
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