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How weird is this?

Ok I have a slight crush on a fictional character heres the thing , it isn't a girl. I consider myself lesbian and I know I would never encontro, data a guy I just don't see myself with a guy and I have no attraction to guys either except for this fictional character and its not sexual its mais just I really admire him. o_o
so how weird is this? XD care to share something weird about you? (pic is my man crush thing)
 How weird is this?
 SeeUV3 posted over a year ago
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anviange said:
I don't believe it's a weird thing to consider. you are really admiring him it may be of 3 reasons.
1: you have become a great fanatic of him.
2: you have a complex that you are not like him and you wish you were him.
3: you are jealous and you wanted to be like him.
you amor his personality.there is nothing bad about it.
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posted over a year ago 
i think its the segundo thing XD
SeeUV3 posted over a year ago
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