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A Song!!

I talk to ya
But u ain't responding back
Thats what i get
For getting packed
To mover where i said
Cuz' you left me the last day
U think im selfish
But now i think im mais dead
Than that
So go on ahead
Walk on my dead body
And luagh till u can
Cuz' I'll stay down
Wont resist
Ain't coming back
Cuz' i loved you with all my heart
But now my coração is broken apart
Of the words u said
Think about it princess
I thought i was your prince
You made me convince myself
Of what we had
But it dosent matter now
Cuz you left me drop dead
Without layin' a hand
Provin' i was too reckless to fall for that
Cya later now
Imma rest in peace
While u laughing on my back

Dedicated <3 :) [Still amor u princess]
 AceGaming posted over a year ago
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Max277 said:
Cool ^-^
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posted over a year ago 
Thanks :3
AceGaming posted over a year ago
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