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kids are funny

funniest kid conversation you've ever heard?

i overheard these 3 little girls on a playground. heres what went down:
girl 1: i'll invite you to my birthday party if you say i'm pretty.
girl 2: okay. i'm pretty.
girl 3: yeah, i'm pretty too.
girl 1: no, say I'M pretty.
girl 3: i'm pretty!
girl 1: NO! NO! say I'M pretty. I'M PRETTY!
girl 2: i'm pretty!
girl 3: i'm pretty!
 mehparty3 posted over a year ago
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ssook78 said:
my sister: hi would you like some cookies
aleatório kid: no
my sister: say yes
aleatório kid: okay N O
my sister: SAY YES
aleatório kid: NOOOOOO
my sister: YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!
aleatório kid: NOOOOOO!!
my sister: *in deamon voice* (idk why XD) say yes now
aleatório kid: okay yes
me: so sis did you sell some cookies
my sister: ill tell you the whole story
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posted over a year ago 
lol kids R funny :)))
mehparty3 posted over a year ago
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