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Let your hater side show!

Rant away on each of these, please. I need warnings on what not to watch/listen to/anything.

música artists (band or solo artist)


t.v. shows


books (leave Twilight out since that's a given for most people [sorry Twihearts])

anything else

Seriously, I need honest opinions. I just ask that you not fight. I just need reviews on certain subjects so I know what to avoid when I go to rent a movie or the biblioteca or such.
 x-menobsessed26 posted over a year ago
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dragonzord1993 said:
If there's one thing you should stay the hell away from, it's Hetalia. EVERYTHING about it sucks. The animation, the story (or lack thereof), the characters, the voice acting... nothing about it is any good.

Another thing to stay away from is a movie called Birdemic: Shock and Terror. I find it shocking that James Nguyen would make a movie so terrifyingly shitty.
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posted over a year ago 
Thank you for the information, and I'll be sure to stay away from them.
x-menobsessed26 posted over a year ago
^ You're welcome.
dragonzord1993 posted over a year ago
Book-Freak said:
Music: Nicki Minaj
She sucks.
She can't sing for toffee
Her songs ..... Urgh they are so bad! No meaning, no message
Good música has proper singers cantar meaningful songs that actually mover you. Songs that make you want to laugh or cry from the beauty
She can't sing and she looks dreadful too
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posted over a year ago 
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