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Help how do I tell my parents that I am pregnant?
I'm 19 and he's 31 that's the first issue they have they think I'm too young and he's too old
I live in another country then them but I been hiding it for 3 months and I always was told to tell them soon as I can but I didn't and I don't want them to yell at me or something for lying or keeping it a secret.
I'm not married yet so people in my family who are traditional or the church because my parents might tell friends and families who will say to church about my issue to pray

How can I tell my parents
Why is it so hard to tell
Please how can I get them to not go crazy
 cre8tive2114 posted over a year ago
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Mrs-X said:
I think you should tell them as soon as possible... If they amor you, they'll understand and of course they're gonna be mad but the sooner you tell them, the better because now you're just stressing out about the idea of telling them but they'll know sooner or later and you'll give them time to calm down if you tell them sooner...
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posted over a year ago 
Thank you
cre8tive2114 posted over a year ago
Dream-On said:
wrong club
dr. phil
seguinte club...thank you for waiting
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posted over a year ago 
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