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All Im asking for is an anchovie cupcake, with bordo, maple syrup on the top. Is that so hard?

* Slams phone down*
 Kenny756 posted over a year ago
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JaseKS said:
I know right?!?!

Well, anyways, that reminds me of something. Me and my two best buddehs were going to this choir thing, and we were on a bus, randomly doing this natal mad libs (sp?)

And us, being the wierdos we are,wound up with "Dear Santa Mc' Fuck face, I am very angry with my gifts this year. All I asked for was a shit, and all you gave me was a rapist!!"

XD, just thought i'd share, because for whatever reason, your pergunta reminded me of that.

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posted over a year ago 
Thanx that was funny.
Kenny756 posted over a year ago
np. np. XD
JaseKS posted over a year ago
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