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Think of your favorito actor and your favorito actress, how many other celebrities do you know of with the same first name?

favorito Actor: Michael Imperioli
Other Celebrities I can Think of with same first name
Michael Weatherly (DiNozzo on NCIS)
Michael Jackson
Michael Landon (Pa on Little House on The Prarie)
Michael Buble
Michael Jordan

favorito Actress: Kathryn Erbe
Other Celebrities With Same First Name (this is shorter thank god)
Kathryn Morris (Lily on Cold Case)
Kathryn Prescott (Emily on Skins)
Shoot! I forgot Michael J. Fox!
Jeffersonian posted over a year ago
 Jeffersonian posted over a year ago
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CourtneyFan17 said:
Woah that's hard thinking. I don't feel like thinking so none of them :P
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posted over a year ago 
Yeah, luckily for me my favorito actress's name had a odd spelling, but I'm still remembering Michael's I missed.
Jeffersonian posted over a year ago
Alot of Michaels...
CourtneyFan17 posted over a year ago
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