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Fanpopper of the mês DECEMBER! ENTER AND READ RULES!

Its soon the end on 2010 and to be nice, a little natal gift to another fanpopper is to NOMINATE!

Only ONE nomination and ther person will have to post a picture!

Post the following if your nominating:


If your a nomminie, you must

Be a member for atleast 2 weeks,
have been contributing and
have made 3 comments.

You CANNOT be a nominie if:

You just joined FANPOP,
You have less then 5 fans,
have joined 5 or less clubs.

Heres the nominied sign up:

Nominated from:

And you MUST message that nomine!

Basic rules for EVERYONE:

No nominations
[Consiquense: Not enter in the contest]
Say me
[Consiquense: Not entered]
Post a pic!
[Consiquense: Not entered]
Do Not Harrass Me
[Consiquense: Not entered ever again!]

I think this should be a holiday theme so please post a picture of the holiday you celebrate

Like example:

Christmas, tree, star, angel, etc.,

So you get it? Good. Begin!

 zanesaaomgfan posted over a year ago
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