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hi evryone, i need some ideas!!!

so i have to write a 300 word story for english and i have no idea what to write about. so i was wondering if anyone has some ideas, i'll give props if u answer.
i'm not very good at english, it's my worst subject at school!
 Shelly_McShelly posted over a year ago
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anubisbubble said:
only 300 words hmmmm..... you could try doing a short story in which everyone dies in some really nasty way por some nutter who has a infiriority complex
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posted over a year ago 
orangeturnip said:
write a story about jack the ripper and how he was a misunderstood nice guy who only killed cos he was taken over por a evil spirit in his sleep and he didn't even know wot he had done.
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posted over a year ago 
Mallory101 said:
Well...I'm not gonna do your homework for you (: but I think you should write about something that intrests you, or you know alot about.

For example I would write about cavalos (:
Also does the story *have* to be 300 words or can it go over. If it can go over, you could write a longer...lets say mais detailed story...

I don't know.I hope this helped...(Probably Not)
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posted over a year ago 
reneemonique said:
mmm you can write anything you want too.
maybe something like maybe fantasy,create your own rules,place,affairs etc.

or a amor story,but try to make it different than others in the past.

orr a horror story about general past nightmeres which is a good one -and since its only 300 words long,it doesnt need much of an ending.
im otta ideas,um or write about things you like doing,adding a describtive text:) im sure you'll do great!:)
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posted over a year ago 
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