I sat in Alex's room on his cama bored stiff. He smiled walking over to me and kissed me tenderly. He looked at me and said "What do you want to do?" I shrugged and got up heading near the window. I stared outside into the forest and smiled. "How about a race?" I asked him.

I saw a sudden interest in his eyes. "A game? Okay, I'm listening" he said. I opened the window as the cold wind blasted into the room. "A race to the lake. If you win you can do whatever you want to me," I said taking off my shoes.

He laughed removing his camisa and said "Fine, I'll give you a head start."

I laughed jumping out the window heading into the forest. My feet slammed against the wet ground as I ran faster and faster. After thinking I had a good lead I stopped.

"Serena! Where are you?" he said from a distance. I giggled thinking he'd never catch up as I started running again. I looked behind me seeing leaves fall. He must have been jumping from árvore to tree. The cheater!!

I turned seeing the lake in plain sight and smiled thinking I was going to win. Then, out of nowhere Alex appeared right in front of me. I slid to a stop leaving tracks behind me in the mud and looked at him. I had to win! So, I leaped over him about to run again when he grabbed my leg. I sighed admitting defeat. He laughed I knew he felt victorious.

He helped me up and smiled showing his golden brown eyes. "Now, what should I do with you?" he said pinning me to a tree. I tried to hide my blush but it creeped out onto my face. He laughed sitting me down por the lake and he sat beside me. We kissed softly for a few mintues and he said "Are you sure you want to do this?" I blinked, I knew I was blushing now. I nodded and said "Of course."