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posted by fulllife
 rajkumar patra biopic
rajkumar patra biopic
Rajkumar Patra is an indian bengali model cum actor. he was started his career from 2009 with small budget modeling photoshoot. He appears in bengali film as a fotografia model star(uncredited), & brand modeling.
he also act in several bengali serial, tv series, música video's & telefilm's as an actor.
he also known & famous for his Long hairstyles, apparently his modeling photographs was Considered as fashionable & stylish.
he had in controversial for his girly lady looks.
he was also a role model for his fãs & very familiar for his lovely looks.
official web site - www.rajkumarpatra.page4.me
1. What kind of role you want to do the most? answer- I would like to do Challenging Roles, and good character roles.

2. Some favorito food, that you amor to eat? answer- I amor to eat bengali food, i like bengali comida aloo posto, ghugni, aloo dum, khichuri, egg roll.
& I also like chinese comida like chicken chow mein but i eat sometimes.

3. Tell me about your best quality as an actor? answer- Best quality as actor.. um.. everyone says is my looks is internationally,
so that is quality i have most. for my think of view i know that

4. What are your weak answer- i have asthma, which i have to...
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