So last time i wrote the girls had detention for skipping dance n the boyz were gettin freaky
Sasha has to come to detention 2 (bummer)

So Detention.....

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MF(Mr Fitz):oh heyyy
MF:would u mind telling me why yall were absent
Jessie: none of yo business
MF: ok yall here till noon
Sasha:but its 7 am
Kim:u cant do us that
MF: yes i can later if yall need me im in room 5

Jess gets out her phone n starts listening to music
Kim starts drawing on a notebook
Sash explores the place


Detention over bla bla bla

Sasha: jess im hungry
Jess:what u want to eat
Jessies Phone rings

Phone convo

J: hey
P: its me prince
J: hi babe
P: can u come 4 a while
J: come where
P: keisha wants to talk 2 u
J: why
P: sumthin idk where are u
J:same place u kidnapped me
P: do u know where our studio is
J: no
P:ughh meet me at the mall NOWWW
J: ok boss ill be there

The both hang up

Jessie:one dia am gon grab him por that afro
Sasha:so where r we going
Jessie:to the mall wait wheres kim
Sasha:she want to her locker
Jessie: go call her
Sasha:ok (goes to call her)
Jessie:n hurry up would ya

Jessie:Im leavin i need u to take care of sasha plz
Kim:i said nooo
Jessie:pretty plzzz
KIm:when will you be back
Jessie:dont know
Kim:if u aint back por 2 shell be at your doorstep
Jessie:Ok (gives her 20 bucks) buy her comida later
Jessie:(gets in the car) yeah later

AT the Mall...........................

J:hey babe
Prince:were in a hurry got to perform soon
J:aight where we off to
Prince:u can dance right
Prince:can u learn a routine in 2hours
J: sure if i have a good teacher
Prince:ok can u be a dancer for us
J: us as in mb
Prince:perfect lets go
J: i dont wanna go
Prince:come with me u will amor being on stage
J:fine show me the way

Prince Gets in his car and leads the way

Studio A...

Keisha:hi im-
Jess:lakeisha gamble ik
Keisha:ok im mbs-
Jess:personal manager ik
Keisha:wow does prince talk about me
Jess:no i do my research
Keisha:ohkayyy lets go to the dressing room
Keisha:u cnat dance in heels
Jess:try me

David Scott walk in

Dave:u ready
Dave:then lets dance

To Be Continued........................

Sorry but don't know when im gonna write again having sum difficulties at início