-Episode 17 "Shocked"- *LOL??*

//10:28pm, At my house, Bre was on my sofá watching tv, Prod was sitting at the dining room mesa, tabela staring at her and Prince & I were talking\\

(My new IPhone that was bought por Prince rang, so I answered *Lana*)

Me: Hello?
Lana: (Whispering) Help me......please!
Me: What?
Lana: (Whispering) Diggy is keeping me as his slave in his house, in his room! I don't know where he at right now........KENDRA HELP- (The phone line cut)
*End of Phone Convo*

Me: (Heading towards the door until Prince grabbed me)
Prince: What are you doing?
Me: Breathing.
Prince: I meant where are you going?
Me: I'm just going for a walk.
Bre: At night?
Me: Can you guys mind your business?
Prod: That's not possible.
Prince: Wherever you're going can wait until the morning. It's too late.
Bre: I'm sleeping over.
Prod: If you're sleeping over, i'm sleeping over!!
Bre: (Rolls her eyes) Stalker.
Me: (Walks upstairs with Prince following me)

//In my bedroom, upstairs)
Me: (Sitting on my cama making an exhausted face)
Prince: Were you talking to Lana? I heard her screaming.
Me: Well yeah. She needs our help.
Prince: Maybe tomorrow, Kendra. It's too late to be dealing with stuff like that. (Laying down)
Me: (Sighs) Fine. (Laying down seguinte to him) I hope you had a good birthday.
Prince: Speaking of that. (He got on me) I never got my present. Something we haven't done in a few days.
Me: (Mocking him) Maybe tomorrow, Jacob. It's too late to be dealing with stuff like that.
Prince: I'm not taking that as an answer. (Lowered his face into mine, beijar me affectionately)
Me: (Broke the kiss and pushed him off and to the right side of me) Good night. (I said stubbornly)

//9:43am, Tomorrow, Wednesday *No school, since I graduated!!* Prince was gone, so was Prod. There was a note on the bed\\


Kendra, early today I received a call from Walter saying that MB was going back on tour. All four of us were shocked, we didn't want to leave but I guess we had to do it for our fans. Call, text, video-chat, aim-chat, or WHATEVER!
Just don't call between 5:00pm to 9:00pm, i'll be working. Stay safe. I amor you so much and i'm gonna keep on Missing You. ♥♥♥♥♥ -Princeton

//I walked downstairs and saw Bre being sad\\
Bre: I'm going to miss having a boy following me everywhere!!
Me: (Sighs) Whatever. I just need to go find a friend.