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posted by Coolgirl143
 Nina's Sexy Pajamas!!!!!
Nina's Sexy Pajamas!!!!!
Me: (i was taking a chuveiro for 40 minutes)

40 minutos later!!!!!

Me: (i was wearing, sexy pajamas on & i went to cama & i fell asleep & i was dreaming about, Me & Princeton, that we had a first Romantic encontro, data together)


Me: (i was brushing my teeth, getting dressed, fixing my hair, put some make up on, & some jewelry on & that special necklace, that Princeton give it to me last night)

******the doorbell was ringing & i looked out the window & i saw Princeton waiting for me, with a cute teddy urso that says "I amor You Nina!!!!!" & a red rose too*******

*****I went downstairs & I get to the front door & I opened the door******

Me: Good Morning Jacob & how are you doing, Baby!!!!!
Princeton: Good Morning, Nina & I'm doing very good & you, angel face!!!!!! (kisses my hand)
Me: Awwwww, I'm doing very good too, sweet lollipop!!!!!
Princeton: I brought you something, Beautiful!!!!! (with a big sexy smile)
Me: Awwwww, Princeton you are the best boyfriend ever & thank you so much, sexy angel face!!!!!!
(hugs tightly & a kiss on the lips)
Princeton: Awwwwww, your welcome & anytime, sweet sexy angel face!!!!!!
Me: Awwwww, & So do you want to come in, baby prince!?!?!
Princeton: Sure, sweet sexy angel face!!!!! (kisses my hand again & he came into the house)
Me: So, Can i make you some breakfast, baby prince!?!?!
Princeton: Yes, you can make me some breakfast, sweetheart!!!!! (kisses my cheek)
Me: Okay, sweet angel face!!!!!! (with a sexy voice)

******I started the stove, making pancakes, cracking some eggs, & some bacon. And i finish cooking******

*****I made a pancake look like a heart******

*****I put the panquecas on the plate & some eggs & bacon, toucinho on the plate too. I give him a plate to eat breakfast*****

Princeton: Mmmmmm.... this so good & i amor when you cook me some breakfast, beautiful!!!!!
Me: Awwwww, thanks baby prince & I'm glad that you amor my breakfast, that i made for you, sweet sweet lollipop!!!! (kisses on the cheek)
Princeton: Awwwww & thanks for the breakfast, baby doll!!!!!! (Flirting with me)
Me: Awwww, your welcome, sexy prince!!!!!! (kiss him on the lips & i french kiss him too)
Princeton: Oh baby, you are the hottest, sweetest, sexiest, cutest, girl that I've ever met!!!!!
Me: Awwwwww, thanks baby & I amor you so much too, Sexy lollipop, LOL!!!!! (in a sexy voice)
Princeton: Awwwwwwh, Same here, sweetheart/sexy angel face!!!!! (he hugs me very tightly & he give me a french kiss, on the lips for awhile)

To be continued & #Spreadthepeace!!!!!
 Nina's Outfit!!!!
Nina's Outfit!!!!
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posted by geekygirl1999
hiii guys long time since i made story but im bored as fuck nd i have been REALLY busy but here u gooooooooooooooooo

yn pov
sooooo im yn i am 15 nd i live in new jersey yea cadela, puta ima wide girl i do wat i want when i want anywhore my mom is getting married nd guess wat??? where moving to L.A yay!!! -_______- no i dont want to go i want to stay wit my niggas but my mom is making me go nd now i have a new step bro thats like 16 ughhhh grate another dick head to leave with but ohhh well time to get ready to go i take a chuveiro nd all that bullshit nd put this on link nd walk down stairs
end of pov

continue reading...
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