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posted by Coolgirl143
 Nina's Sexy Pajamas!!!!!
Nina's Sexy Pajamas!!!!!
Me: (i was taking a chuveiro for 40 minutes)

40 minutos later!!!!!

Me: (i was wearing, sexy pajamas on & i went to cama & i fell asleep & i was dreaming about, Me & Princeton, that we had a first Romantic encontro, data together)


Me: (i was brushing my teeth, getting dressed, fixing my hair, put some make up on, & some jewelry on & that special necklace, that Princeton give it to me last night)

******the doorbell was ringing & i looked out the window & i saw Princeton waiting for me, with a cute teddy urso that says "I amor You Nina!!!!!" & a red rose too*******

*****I went downstairs & I get to the front door & I opened the door******

Me: Good Morning Jacob & how are you doing, Baby!!!!!
Princeton: Good Morning, Nina & I'm doing very good & you, angel face!!!!!! (kisses my hand)
Me: Awwwww, I'm doing very good too, sweet lollipop!!!!!
Princeton: I brought you something, Beautiful!!!!! (with a big sexy smile)
Me: Awwwww, Princeton you are the best boyfriend ever & thank you so much, sexy angel face!!!!!!
(hugs tightly & a kiss on the lips)
Princeton: Awwwwww, your welcome & anytime, sweet sexy angel face!!!!!!
Me: Awwwww, & So do you want to come in, baby prince!?!?!
Princeton: Sure, sweet sexy angel face!!!!! (kisses my hand again & he came into the house)
Me: So, Can i make you some breakfast, baby prince!?!?!
Princeton: Yes, you can make me some breakfast, sweetheart!!!!! (kisses my cheek)
Me: Okay, sweet angel face!!!!!! (with a sexy voice)

******I started the stove, making pancakes, cracking some eggs, & some bacon. And i finish cooking******

*****I made a pancake look like a heart******

*****I put the panquecas on the plate & some eggs & bacon, toucinho on the plate too. I give him a plate to eat breakfast*****

Princeton: Mmmmmm.... this so good & i amor when you cook me some breakfast, beautiful!!!!!
Me: Awwwww, thanks baby prince & I'm glad that you amor my breakfast, that i made for you, sweet sweet lollipop!!!! (kisses on the cheek)
Princeton: Awwwww & thanks for the breakfast, baby doll!!!!!! (Flirting with me)
Me: Awwww, your welcome, sexy prince!!!!!! (kiss him on the lips & i french kiss him too)
Princeton: Oh baby, you are the hottest, sweetest, sexiest, cutest, girl that I've ever met!!!!!
Me: Awwwwww, thanks baby & I amor you so much too, Sexy lollipop, LOL!!!!! (in a sexy voice)
Princeton: Awwwwwwh, Same here, sweetheart/sexy angel face!!!!! (he hugs me very tightly & he give me a french kiss, on the lips for awhile)

To be continued & #Spreadthepeace!!!!!
 Nina's Outfit!!!!
Nina's Outfit!!!!
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posted by its_kristi_rae
Today was Friday and you were in your last period class. you sat down happily seguinte to your best friend Princeton who you usually just call Prince. you 2 have been friends for a while. you've noticed that each dia that pass you seem to start liking him mais and more. But you know it's official. but you're too scared to tell him. you don't think you're good enough for him or that he will even like you. plus the fact that you two are really good friends and you don't want to ruin that.

Prince: oi what's up

you: nothing much

Prince: what are you doing later today

you: nothing as usual

Prince: good...
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posted by Coolgirl143
I was sitting on the couch, listening to música in my room for 30 minutes!

30 minutos later!

Me: (I was walking por myself....... And i bump into someone por accident...... & it was Princeton)
Me: oh I'm sorry that i bumped into you!
Princeton: It's okay, baby! (with a big smile)
Me: Ha, Hi I'm Nina! (shake his hand)
Princeton: hey, I'm Jacob & some people called me Princeton or Prince!
Me: ha, that's a cute stage name there!
Princeton: thanks, angel face! (kisses my hand)
Me: awwwww, your welcome, Prince!
Princeton: So do you want to go out for a date?
Me: YES, I will go out for a date! (in a very...
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posted by Princetonlove01
(in Mya room; prince and ali making out)

M: i want it
Prince:are you shore
M: yes this is gonna be the last for three weeks so i wanna show you what your gonna be missing and what you have at início so you wont be all up on those ***** on tour
Prince: you know that your my girlfriend and thats all that matters which is why i wanna give you something
M: what!!
(prince gets on one knee with a ring box)
Prince: will you…
M: Prince, im only 14. i mean dont get me wrong i would amor to marry you but we are just too young for all that but it is definatey in the future
Prince: i was going to say will...
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