-My name is Keke (my nickname) Bradford (fake last name :p) Just a girl who moved to LA, California (yeah right :p) Startin' school today, (ugh, kill me) one mom, one little sis & Zero dad, (i got a best friend who moved here also, same time). Btw some things i wud NOT do in real life are in dis story. For example lik: choking my mom. (hell she'd choke me first wit those big hands) ALRIGHT LET'S GO!-

Me: *Sleeping on bed.* *All of a sudden I feel a slight cold & wet feeling.*
Me: Wth? IT'S 6 IN DA MORNING!!! *Looks around to see Jen, (Lil sis) (Nickname) holding a gray big bucket.

//My pov\\:
ok im angry, but damn, dis girl strong holdin a big bucket lik dat!
//end of pov\\

Jen: Wake up, wake up, WAKE UP!!!!!!!! time to go to school!
Me: Why da- *idgaf if she young i curse if i want to* fck, u thrw water on me!? Ima freakin'- *damn....she little...i can't do dat to her* (sighs) nevermind just go play or sumthin idgaf.
Jen: IM TELLING! YOU CUSS!!! MOMMYYYYY!!!!!!!!! (runs to get mom)
Me: (mumbles to self) she a freakin' snitch.
Mom from downstairs yelling so i cud hear ”GET DRESSED AND READY FOR SKOOL!! HURRY UP UR BREAKFEST GETTIN' COLD!
Me: (sorta loud) Shut da hell up!!

//My pov\\:
I lov my mom, but sometimes i wanna choke her!
//End of pov\\

Me: NOTHIN' MOMMY!! *what the gut? did i foget im 15?* I SAID I amor YOU!!!

//My pov\\:
I could almost hear her whispering ”She a lie” to Jen. i know what ur thinking, she's a bcth.
//End of pov\\

(blah blah i go tak a chuveiro blah u know get ready 4 skol *ugh* btw im wearin a long green shirt, a cute white vest on it, white skirt, green leggings and white long furry boots *ikr when i read dis i was lik ”Wth am i? Some kind of fashion diva??!!*
Me: (Going downstairs)
Mom: (Looks at me lik ”Wth!? Is this fashion??!
Me: Ugh FINE!! i'll go change!
Mom: No, i suppose you want 2 look.....nice for ur first dia at skool. Now, eat you'll be late!
Me: (sits n' starts eating)

//My pov\\:
//End of pov\\

Me: (eats faster)
Jen: (looks at da breakfest, then me)
Me: (ignoring that greedy baby chick and still eating)
Mom: Alright, i'll be waiting in the car, hurry up now, but don't eat very fast, you'll have a horrible stomache ache later! (grabs keys and stuff heads out door)

//My pov\\:
ummm, wtf did she say? well dont judge me her comida GOOD!
//End of pov\\

Me: (Eating very fast now)
Jen: Gimmie all of dat, NOW!!!!!!
Me: (Looks at her funny) *wtf? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! did dis girl. just. yell at. ME?*
Me: HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!! Girl you funny! (Continues eating fast)
Jen: I SAID NOW!!!!! NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!

//My pov\\:
My little 6 yr old sister yellin' at me. WTH! wats next, penguins start flying or cachorros start talking or better yet gatos start jumping into pools cause they like water?!
//End of pov\\

Me: *IMA KICK YO A$$ GIRL! SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE HANDS, and they're comin' after you* (eats the last bite of eggs n' gets up from mesa, tabela walking slowly towards Jen)
Mom: (comes in door with a Woman i reconized as grandma Betty)
Me: (backs away from Jen quickly)

//My pov\\:
ik wat ur thinking, Why didn't I FIX.... my sister? well my mom let that morning wake-up cuss, slide, i ain't gettin' in trouble again! This woman can REALLY act like madea *i see where i get it from* but she doesn't show it! *she freakin' have to be madea in disguise, that be cool*
//End of pov\\

Mom: I called her to look, after u (points at Jen) im going to work after i-
Me: Mom im gonna be late! *she talk too much and then she never shut up*
Grandma: (Smacks lips)

//My pov\\:
she hates it when i disrespect my mom........WELL IDGAF!!!!
//End of pov\\

Me: (looks at grandma in a disgusted way) beijoca, smack yo ugly chapped up lips on yo own damn worthless time. (Walks out door to the car) *hell yeah, i feel lik a boss*

//With mom, grandma, jen\\
Jen: (looks like ”Oh no she didn't!!)
Grandma: (Fixes glasses and looks as if nothing just happend)
Mom: So sorry about her. (walks out door to car)
So mom drives me to school, were completly quiet.
Me: (looks at time in phone) *WTF!!!! ITS ONLY 6:50? IT FREAKIN' FELT LIKE FOREVER IN DAT POORLY MADE HOUSE!!!!!*
Me: (falls asleep)
We por the high school.
Mom: (Parks car in a parking space.) KENDRA WERE HERE!!!!!!
Me: (Wakes up mad) Wtf btch??! why you baggin' on me, you don't know me lik dat, check yourself a'ight!? *it's wat i say 2 anybody if you bite my chiz meaning if i get angry*
Me: (noticing it was my mom *i thought eet waz my friend Dana* and i also notice she looks tired)
Mom: (she says it plainly) Get out...
Me: Im sorry i was dreaming something and-
Mom: Didn't you hear me the first time? let me say it again with a twist.... Get the fck out before i claw your eyes out!!!!
Me: (whispers it under my breath so she can't hear) btch....(gets out car)
Mom: (drives away)
Me: (walks up to the school door but doesnt open it, i hear freakin' people saying ”Eww new girl” ”Ewww wat she wearing?”)

//My pov\\:
i would cuss out anybody if you get on my nerves *or just kick yo a$$*
//End of pov\\

Me: (turns around to tell them off but instead i find this boy walkin' up to me)

Who's the boy?
hint= He has an Afro ;D
Why is he walkin' up to her?
You'll see
Was he one of da people who were saying ”Eww, new girl”
maaayyyyybeee and maayyybee not!