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The fans pick: She's both a pegasus AND a unicorn. You can't get much resfriador, refrigerador than that.
She&# 39; s both a pegasus AND a...
The fans pick: Nope!
The fans pick: Yes! why is she so hated?
The fans pick: no to celestia
no to celestia
yes to celestia
The fans pick: No way
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Princess Celestia mural

KarlWithArma said …
*Appears inside the castle, looking out the balcony* "Isn't It A Beautiful Day, Arma..?" *20 dead guards lay there as the resin stallion was covered in blood he looks over at you* "Isn't It..?" *He yanks "Cutlass" Arma from a dead guard's ribcage as he walks slowly to the princess* Posted over a year ago
P_Twilight_ commented…
YOU WANT TO KILL HER???!!! over a year ago
AquaMarine6663 said …
All hail Celestia. Posted over a year ago
P_Twilight_ commented…
Thank You for loving my once teacher over a year ago
AquaMarine6663 commented…
You're welcome, over a year ago
darkshado2 said …
(dark monotone voice) greetings celestia my name is darkshado2 i have come to equestria to find out your living habbits, hobbies, current threat statis and much mais and if i even feel a that there is a threat around you have no idea how hard and how fast ill bring that fight to your doorstep Posted over a year ago