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i made this vid 4 thi king of pop tell me wat u think
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(Sorry 4 keeping u guys waiting. ENJOY :D)
*FLASHBACK* - Fifth Grade
February 6 - Black history mês came. Ms. Klavinski wanted us to write an acrostic poem and 1 page essay about a black person we admire. "... And this is why I admire Harriet Tubman so much," said Kristen. Ms. Klavinski bowed her head. "Very good. Natasha." She called me. I stood up and looked at Kristen, who was smirking at me. When Ms. Klavinski turned around I threw my middle finger up at her. Her smile came off. I began my acrostic first:
"M - Magestic
I - In my coração forever
C - Charasmatic
H - Heal the world
A - A beautiful...
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