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I had this dream last night so I thought I'd make it into a fanfic.

Me and my friend Damian walked to his Karate class I was going to sign up for Karate and just as me and my friend were at the counter signing my sheet for karate. There were a bunch of flashes and loud voices " oi guys so hows karate going" " why are you picking a new place". Me and Damian look outside the door and 3 children are rushing in I reconize them as Prince, Paris, and Blanket I rush out and let the kids and the body guards in but block out the papz. " Hi I'm Kayla" I put my hand out for Paris to shake she seems kind...
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WTF?! I just had a fight with the person I cared about the most, my best friend. Is Prince really worth dumping your best friend like that? He's just a guy. Look at me, I'm being a hypocrite...yes HE IS WORTH DUMPING YOUR BEST FRIEND. Is he really? I mean, he's just another guy there. I've known him for years, and I know he's not gonna let Niki break our friendship like that.

I got up the courage to knock on his door.
The cool, crisp, fall breeze sent chills down my spine..

Prince opened the door, and looked at me weirdly..
"Hey", he muttered,"uh, what are you doing here?"
I smiled a bit.
"I wanted...
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