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The fans pick: Prince Charles, Diana's ex-husband and the heir to the trono who she cheated on
The fans pick: Harry
The fans pick: or THIS one
The fans pick: Sure
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Prince Harry of Wales mural

woodenpulltoys9 said …
I typed in Prince Harry Fanpop, to see if there was one, and here it is! Posted over a year ago
KatiiCullen94 said …
Is the Banner ok? Posted over a year ago
NCISGIBBS commented…
I like the banner! I amor the font on his name! Did you make the banner? I think it's lovely. over a year ago
KatiiCullen94 commented…
thank you very much, yes I made it over a year ago
Elena100 said …
I've heard Prince Harry wants to marry his girlfriend Chelsy Davy. He asked her at William and Kates after Wedding Party. Is it true? :) Posted over a year ago
NCISGIBBS commented…
Well he never straight out proposed he instead said "You're next" (at the Royal Wedding) and later had a conversation about their future. After thinking for a while, Chelsy decided that the pressure of joining the Royal Family was too much for her and so she broke up with him. over a year ago