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Odd request, please help if u can!

oi i have a bit of an odd request, but if anyone can help me out it'll be great... i need to know the name of the color used for the rosa, -de-rosa nail polish during the credits? i've been trying to look for the same color everywhere but can't find it...

if anyone knows the name or even the brand then i might be able to find it easily...

 iceprincess7492 posted over a year ago
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NoelleLange-1 said:
Ummm . .... r u talkin about the nail polish used on the girl that goes n the coffin..... the brand is BYS......u can get it from Hyperdome and that... i got some for myself
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posted over a year ago 
eeeeeek!!!!!!!!! thank you sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!! ur a life saver!!!!!! trust me, u have nooooo idea how happy you've made me.... thank you soooo soooo soooo much!!!!!!!
iceprincess7492 posted over a year ago
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