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This as meninas superpoderosas wallpaper contains anime, banda desenhada, manga, desenhos animados, mangá, and quadrinhos.

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in the last ch. the professor was going to give the girls a present...

"what is it?" bubbles said. bubbles saw someone hiding behind the professor. "well i remembered how sad you were about bunny dieing years ago, so i made you a new sister, just in case you need help again" the professor said. He stepped out of the way so blossom, bubbles, and buttercup could see teir new sister. "YAY!! a new sister!!!" she said. Blossom had a bad feeling about having a new sister, she could tell something bad was going to happen in the near future, but blossom already loved her new sister, and hoped she diddnt...
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it was Dia das bruxas morning the ppg were sleeping in there cama then alarm clock rain only bubbles woke up she was so excited she was jumping around then she was jumping on blossom and buttercup for them to wait up they did then they ran down stairs then the rrb noke on the door bubbles open the door they came in just then bubbles kissed boomer then she went to the mesa, tabela and the rrb boys went to the mesa, tabela too boomer:so wat are you gonna dress as im gonna be a dog bubbles:im gonna be a bunny blossom:im gonna be a cumical X brick:im gonna be a vampire buttercup:im gonna be a gost bruthe:im gonna be a mummy buttercup:lets go to the haunted house brick:YA bruth:YA blossom:ok bubbles&bommer:do we have to brick:if you dont im gonna tell everybody at school boomer&bubbles:fine blossom:WE BETTER GET READY EVERYBODY:OK THEN BUBBLES&BOOMER:(LOOKS OUT WINDOW)TTTHHERE AA ZZOMEBIE BRICK:yA RIGHT YOU GUYS ARE SO DUMB EVERYBODY:(GOES TO PPG ROOM) TO BE COUINTED
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narater:the ciy of towns vill were evryone is young and happy well mybei some pepol are
old guy:HAY >:(
narater:ok lets chek with protherser
profser:now girls im makeing a stableiser so you can stay young forever
blossom:ok bubbles get over here
bubbles:oh ok buttercup why are you thowing away our grown up suits
buttercup:because were staying young forever and we wont growup duh
blossom and bubbles: oh ok
profeser:ok girls drink up
blossom bubbles buttercup:GULP *two minets later* wawawawawawawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
profser:*gasp* oh no my stableiser terd the powerpuff girls to the powerpuff babys...
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You've had a hard dia of sleep, and you need your sleep.
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