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scanner started working again so I can start requests again!!!!!

ok, here are the rules!

1. it can be hand-drawn, or computer made, be specific on which.

2. it can be line art or colored.

3. make sure to include ALL details.

4. you can request mais than one pic.

5. it can be PPGor RRB orignal, Teen,Kitty, Puppy,or anthro(meaning like cat girl or somethin)

6. anything not in rule 5 has to be asked about in your answer and will most likely be drawn to my best abilites wether computer or hand-drawn.

7.if possible include pic of character(not required)

8.if hand-drawn, be creative with extras,clothes, and background if you want.

9. follow all rules above and we'll have no probs

Here is the form:

Number of PPG or RRB:


Eyecolors/Dress or camisa colors:

Hair style/Color:(also for pele, peles if kitty or puppy)


Hand-drawn or Computer made:


Skin color:(if normal PPG/RRB or Teen PPG/RRB)

pose/emotion:(if using powers, be as specific as possible on as cores or shapes)


extras:(jewelry, makeup, hats, striped stocking,bows, wings Ect.)

Have fun!!!!!!!
ahhhhhh its been a while since a request.......I can finally do these again...
dex3fan475966 posted over a year ago
 dex3fan475966 posted over a year ago
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ppgcowgirl said:
# of ppg: 6
Pic One:
Name: Raina
Eye as cores (BTW they're eyes are always normal, not ppg style): light blue
pele, peles color: white
Clothes: gold crescent moon necklace

Name: esmeralda (Raina's twin)
Eye as cores (eyes are always normal not ppg): esmeralda
pele, peles color: silver
Clothes: gold crescent moon necklace

Eye as cores (eyes are always normal not ppg): rose
Fur: pink
Clothes: silver crescent moon necklace

Eye color (always normal not ppg): brown
pele, peles color: laranja with black stripes
Clothes: silver crescent moon necklace

eye color (eyes are always normal not ppg): gray
Feature color: white
Clothes: silver crescent moon necklace

Eye color (always normal not ppg)
pele, peles color: brown
Clothes: silver crescent moon necklace

Pic two:
Hair: long blonde wavy
eyes (normal not ppg): light blue
skin: European
clothes: white shirt, white shorts, white flip flops, gold crescent moon colar
White lobo ears, white tail

Hair: black long wavy
Eyes (normal not ppg): emerald
skin: European
Clothes: silver shirt, blue jeans, black shoes, gold crescent moon necklace
Gray lobo ears, gray tail

Hair: rose colored, long, strait, longest hair of them all
Eyes: rose
Skin: European
Clothes: blue Jean skirt, rosa, -de-rosa shirt, gold sandels, rose colored ribbon bracelet, silver crescent moon necklace
rosa, -de-rosa bunny ears

Hair: mid length brown
Eyes: brown
skin: European
Clothes: brown jeans, laranja tee, brown shoes, silver crescent moon colar
tiger ears, tiger tail (orange tiger)

Hair: blonde, shoulder length, curly
eyes: gray
clothes: white shirt, silver skirt, silver flipflops, silver crescent moon colar
White wings

Eyes: brown
Hair: brown braid
Clothes: yellow tee, laranja mini shirt, brown boots, silver crescent moon necklace
Brown monkey ears, brown monkey tail

Picture 3
Everyone has identical gowns. Raina's is white, esmeralda silver, Julia pink, Asia orange, Melissa red, Kiwi yellow.

Everyone's hair is the same except Julia's. Her Hair is in ordango pigtails, but her buns are coração shaped (sorta like sailor chibi chibi). Her hair is rose color like ChibiChibi too. Hair color is same as before

Everyone has their necklaces. They also have crescent moons on their foreheads. The crescent moon on their forehead is the same color as their necklace.

Everyone's eyes in every picture are normal not ppg.

In every pic they stand in this order:
Asia, Melissa, Raina, Emerald, Julia, Kiwi


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posted over a year ago 
they are teens thanks!
ppgcowgirl posted over a year ago
raina and esmeralda also have matching gold tiaras in the thrid pic
ppgcowgirl posted over a year ago
suzyisbrute said:
Number of ppg:1


color:orange(lol u know that)

Hair:Brown.not in a ponytail or anything just down.


computer made

pose:in amor talking on the phone on her bed.

backround:on her cama wich is shared with the other ppg's only her part is obviously orange.

extras:just a coração locket.

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posted over a year ago 
teen version
suzyisbrute posted over a year ago
bcthestrongest said:
Number of ppg and rrb: 2 ppg and 2rrb which is butch
the girl name: Mercades and Nightstar the boy name :Nightmare
her eye color:dark blue her dress purple nightstar hair is black with purple streaks and purple dress and Nightmare has red and black hair and black outfit

hair style and color:black and long nightstar black with purple streaks and short Nightmare short hair and black with red streaks
cloths: purple dress and black shoes Nightstar same thing Nightmare black shoes
i like it hand drawn and teens
skin color: like ppg
emotion: happy
my segundo request
the number of ppg:1 number of rrb :3 as in the rowdyruff boys
i like this also handdrawn plz
Name: Nicki Jojo
My ícone the blond one with her 3 brothers

last request my picture of shenzi with your character
eye color: black
skin color:ppg color
dress color:purple
cloths: purple dress and black shoes

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posted over a year ago 
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