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I was a small kit when my mother ran away from Hopeclan,the war that had been going on between the clans had now last over twelve moons.My mother Starfrost was sick with blackcough when she ran away from Hopeclan with her mate Raystorm.Starfrost soon came to die to be with starclan as bareleaf approaqched.Raystorm raised me in the warrior gatos ways but I did not know that we had run away from Hopeclan.My father and I started a new clan that we called Poppyclan.He went to the sacred árvore soon to become Raystar.We didn't know the trouble we were getting into creating a new clan but very soon...
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posted by cariea1
"Hauntedkit???"nudges the kit thinking she's dead.
"quit!"sqealed Hauntedkit curling up tighter.
Chuckles walking into the den."Don't you want to see your father Hauntedkit?"purs in amusement as Hauntedkit aoutomatically jumps up and rushes to me.
"Mom!Hauntedkit won't share father!"whimpers Soulkit.
"Hauntedkit let Soulkit get in to."mewed Fadedfrost gently.
"Fadedfrost aren't you forgeting something important thats going to be happening at sunhigh?"
"Of course Dusksky,I haven't forgotten yet."
"Whats father talking about?'mewed Soulkit and Hauntedkit.
"You'll find out at sunhigh"mewed Fadedfrost...
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..."W..what are you doing Hauntedspark?!"screeched Dawnstar as she bit down onto her neck with such vecious force that the floor splattered with blood."You didn't listen to Rosethorn's prophecy other wise you would've know this was coming"hissed Hauntedspark into Dawnstars ear."R..Ro..Rosethorn???Prophecy??"struggles to get the words out trying everything to get away from Hauntedspark."The one from the dark that you trust will turn on you"snickers"W..What the hell Hauntedspark?!"..."Goodbye Dawnstar"Bites Dawnstars neck harder leaving deep claw wounds in her stomache as she struggles to get away"Hauntedspark...H..How could you?"Dawnstar managed to choke out before going limp her breathing shallow and unsteady she stopped breathing the moment Hauntedspark let go

Hauntedsparks story will continue in a different artigo this story will continue..
posted by scarefire64
like i said dawnclan is what poppyclans real name is and no they dont live with poppies but they used to...they were scaterd and left when gatos came and took over and that was the starting of willowclan.they finally became sorry for what they did and rebuilt it with gatos that called themselves poppyclan that changed there names to dawnclan with the state of there new territory!soon kits were born there were apprentices and warriors and a leader,dawnstar.the deputy clawheart became leader when dawnstar died of blackcough.he was thrilled to become clawstar and treated his clan the best he could.currently clawstar now has two lives and his deputy reddapple must help and make sure he dosnt lose a life reddapple became deputy after reedflame had died.now dawnclan is back and ready to make history and live por the code!
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