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Android Sam: I can't believe this!
Android Sam: U actually fell for it!
Sam: Huh? [Android sam took off her mask]
Skipper: Gotcha!
Sam: You're SO Dead!
[Sam pounced on Skipper. Private, Kowalski, and Rico tried to pull Skipper away from Sam. Molly, Hannah, and Abby tried to pull Sam away from Skipper.]
Abby:I got an idea. Rico, bomb me.
Rico: OK. [Rico pukes out a smoke bomb. Abby holds it between Sam and Skipper. It blows up and Skipper and Sam]
Skipper: Ahhhhh!
Sam: Hey!
Abby,Rico: Sorry!
Sam:Grrr... [Sam's topaz glowed]
Skipper: Sam! NO!
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Chapter 1: Meet Pom Girls!
Sam: Skipper, what r u doing?
[Skipper shakes his flippers and tries to make an orb like Sam]
S:Trying to make an orb like u.
Sam: [Sarcastic] That's not weird at all.
S: I'll show you! [Skipper trips on something] What the deuce? Hey! I made a bomb appear!
Sam: I don't think.... [boom!]
???: Gotcha, Blow Hillary........ Who r u?
Sam: I'd ask the same [coughs] pergunta [coughs] if i wasn't [coughing].
???: I'm Abby!
???: I'm Hannah!
???: I'm Molly!
H,A,M: And who r u?
Sam: Sam. And this is....
P, K, R: What was tha..............
P: Molly?
Sam, S: U kno each other?!
H,A,M,P,R,K: We're brother and sister!
P, R, K: Where have u been?
H, A, M: The Hoboken Zoo.
P,Sam, K, R, S: [gasp]
Sam: The android infested zoo run por Frances?!
S: U've been through that too?!
Sam: I've had my own android double. But luckily she's...Ahhh!
Everyone but Sam:[gasp]
Sam: My android double is right in front of me!!!
Android: Dirty Birdie!!!!
Sam: :o
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It's POM in girl version! All these girl penguins are sisters of the boys. (Skipper, Private, Kowalski, and Rico)The characters:Abby, (Rico's sister) Hannah, (Kowalski's sister) Molly, (Private's sister) and the Leader, Sam! (Skipper's sister)
Abby: Red hair loves to put in braids. She has a rosa, -de-rosa bolsa with everything the girls need. Lock? Laptop? Camera? Got 'em. Has a bomb necklace. Turns into a ninja with bombs at her flipper tips. (Get it? Flipper tips? Finger tips? Geez. Tough crowd.)
Hannah: Black hair loves to put headband (Blue, to be exact) Has a clipboard with pencil. Can turn into a ninja too with expierimants at her finger tips. " Hahaha!" Oh, so now your laughing, huh?
Molly:Youngest member. Has blond hair.Can turn into a ninja with baby ducklings on her side.
Sam: Has brown hair loves it curly or straight. Turns into the strongest ninja on the team. Ninja form:She has gold hair and gold eyes and can shoot auras with her flippers. She also has gold nunchucks.