pokémon Of my Pokemon ships, which is your favorite?

Pick one:
Amourshipping (Ash x Serena)
Appealshipping (Dawn x Zoey)
Acarameladoshipping (Tierno x Trevor)
Boutiqueshipping (Shauna x Serena)
Clingyshipping (Barry x Lucas)
Contestshipping (May x Drew)
Custardshipping (Calem x Trevor)
DualRivalshipping (Cheren x Bianca)
FerrisWheelshipping (Hilda x N)
Fortuneshipping (Dawn x Lucas)
Grassshipping (Gardenia x James)
HeatTagshipping (Dawn x Conway)
Kerrshipping (Sycamore x Calem)
LiveCastershipping (Curtis x Rosa)
Tangledshipping (Serena x Rosa)
Othelloshipping (Hilda x Ash)
PerfectWorldshipping (Lysandre x Sycamore)
Advanceshipping (May x Ash)
Rebelshipping (Hilbert x Bianca)
Shiroshipping (Hilda x Bianca)
Rocketshipping (Jessie x James)
Sequelshipping (Hyu x Rosa)
Twinleafshipping (Barry x Dawn)
VoidCubeshipping (Rosa x N)
VaniVilleshipping (Serena x Trevor)
Belmontshipping (Grimsley x Hilbert)
I don't ship any of these.
 dontmindmeyo posted over a year ago
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