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 Froakie and Greninja
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This pokémon fotografia contains anime, banda desenhada, manga, desenhos animados, mangá, and quadrinhos.

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 Zekrom (#8, tied with Tepig at 49 current fãs each)
Zekrom (#8, tied with Tepig at 49 current fans each)
OK, I did a little research, and I am proud to present the 10 Unova Pokemon characters with the most fans. Here they are:

10. Scraggy

Who doesn't amor this adorable little Pokemon? #10 with 21 current fãs ("current" meaning at the time this was made), Scraggy is one popular cutie!

9. Team Plasma (in general)

The villainous team of Unova, led por N and Ghetsis Harmonia. #9 with 25 current fans, they beat Scraggy por only 4 fans.

8. Tepig and Zekrom

The Fire-type starter and the legendary estrela of Pokemon White. Tied at #8 with 49 current fãs each, they beat Team Plasma por 25 fans.

7. Cheren

Your smart,...
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I know some of you think I should just be posting this one Espeongirl's wall. But since I have a lot to say about Pokemon. I thought it would be best to post it here for everyone to see it.

Ok Esepongirl, listen when you finally agreed to talk to me again all you said was I was annoying because I stand up for Dawn and the two things that started this fight. The fight about you not like Dawn's personality because she's to nice and because I said I thought Misty pants were to short.

Ok, about the Misty clothes thing. You need to understand that I was in a bad mood that dia and my head was killing...
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posted by deathchick9
Over the many years of pikachu,if you look closely pikachu has been getting thinner and thinner.When it started he was this cute,fat little chunk of Pokemon,but now he's a skinny little freak.Which can only me one thing....Ash has forced him to become bulimic!
Ash:Jeez,Pikachu your so fat!



Ash:Loose some weight you fat bastard!


Ash:No stop eating!Your just gonna get fatter!

*Ash shoves his finger down pikachu's throat to make him vomit his comida up.Pikachu...
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