1.Melody:So you are a pokemon trainer huh? I guess He will do *kisses Ash`s cheek*
Ash and Misty:*Shocked*
Melody:Huh, *to Misty* Are you his little sister?
Misty:I am not!
Melody:Then you mut be his girlfriend
Misty: *disgusted* Blah! Gross!
Melody: Oh, i dont think so.

2.Melody:And Misty, try not to get jealous.

3.Misty:Thats ridiculous. me! Ash's girlfriend! *bites into chicken*

4.Ash:Coming Mist? (Me:Ooh, you didnt ask Tracey)
Misty:No thanks!If you want somebody to do what ever you want, whenever you want, you should get yourself a girlfried! (Me:Woah! Ash look what you did)

5.Melody:What are you coming for!?!
Misty:Im coming to find Ash. And before you start saying it because I secretly like him then dont! Because I don't!
Melody: Chill out! You are sure sensative about someone who isnt your boyfrend.
Misty: He is a boy and he is my friend, but he is NOT my boyfriend!
Tracey: *runs up* You talking about me?(Me:-_- way to break up a chick fight)

6.Misty:Lets go find Ash.
Melody:Ya, and he needs help, his girlfriend is here to save him.
Misty:But I'm not ....
Melody:Well, as you said, you are a girl, and you are his friend. Isnt that right?
Misty: *nervous giggle*

7.Meowth:Guess who pikachu!

8.Jessi:Prepare for mais trouble then you've ever seen!
James:Make it double! We are on the big screen!
Ash:I will have to catch this on video!

9.Misty: *to Melody* Welcome to my world. I have to deal with his stuborn attitude every single day.
Melody:Oh, you will get used to it. It is just something you will have to work around when the two of you get married.
Misty: Take that back!
Jessie:Listen kid. When you get mixed with the oposite sex, you are only asked for trouble.
James:Yes. And that kind of trouble, i stay out of.
Meowth:You two dont need the opposite sex, 'cause you hav each ada.
Jessie:What does that mean?!?!
James:Not fuuny!

10.*Snow blows*
Slowking:*shivers* i could use pants.....

11.Slowking:And thus the earth shall turn to Ash.
Melody:But how are we supposed to finds the chosen one if we don't even know where to look?!
Misty:It is right in the legiond. The earth shall turn to Ash!
Tracy:It is you Ash
Ash:I'm the chosen one! ..Wait a moment ... training pokemon is hard enough, but saving the world?That is way to hard.
Misty:I know it doesnt sound easy Ash.
Tracy:But you are the only one who fits the legion perfectly. So, what do you say?
Ash:Well, right now I wish my mom had named me Bob instead of Ash.

12.Ash: *steps into snow and sinks*I feel mais like the Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante one.

13.Jessie:The three of us are too heavy!
James:We should try weight watchers!
Jessie:It is too late for that!
Meowth:I hear it is never too late, when you actually stick with the program!!!!

14.Melody:Here, take this.
Melody: Legion or not. Ash can't do this alone.
Misty:You will have to play Lugia's song, I will go look for him. After all, Ash is really never alone because he's got ...... *dramatic* me...

..... and that is why Pokemon 2000 is my favourite!