((DISCLAIMER: This is my interpretation of the characters backstory from what Ive seen in the game so far, not the anime. It was just something I started out of boredom.))


Gladion sat on the side of his cama as he looked up at his Zubat who was playfully flying a short distance away from him. He let out a small chuckle before hearing Lillie’s quiet gasp of awe. “You and Zubat are amazing.” She said as a smile grew on her face. “I wish one dia I could be like you two.”

“Well youd have to get through Mo-” Gladion began to speak before hearing a knock on the door of his bedroom before a woman with short purple hair and rosa, -de-rosa glasses came walking in. This was one of the Aether workers that aided in his mother’s corporation and project, Wicke.

Wicke bowed slightly as she walked in. “Good afternoon Master Gladion, Master Lillie.” She said as she looked over at the two of them. “Your mother wants you all to come with me to the laboratory to show you some of her projects. Are you both ready to go?”

Gladion let out a bit of a sigh as he stood up from the bed. When it came around to his mom, thing became weird. It wasn’t like he didn’t like her, but it was mais that he didn’t like the things she got herself involved into and how she began to act when invested into her strange interests. “Zubat, Ill be back. You wait here for me alright?” He asked, which, in response, Zubat let out a short call before going over to her perch. He turned over to Lillie, saw that she was getting up before turning back to Wicke. “We are ready to go.” He said before the three of them began to over to the Aether Paradise laboratory.

Upon getting to the laboratory floor, the three of them saw Lusamine, who, at the time, seemed to have a few other Aether members around her, each seeming to ask perguntas on further plans of other experiments. It didn’t take long for her to notice that the three of them had arrived, causing a wide smile to crack open on her face as she waved all the scientists off before walking over to them. “If it isn’t my two little precious angels.” She said as she crouched down to their height and ruffled their hair lightly. “Arent you two just growing up just beautifully? Gladion, how has your training with Zubat been going?” She asked, seeming to have a subtle eerie tone of expectation in her voice.

“Zubat..Our training has been going well.” Gladion replied hesitantly.

“That’s wonderful dear.” Lusamine chuckled as she stood up. “Then all the mais reason to show you around. I’ve already taken you to some of the other lab rooms around here, but here to the left of us in the area where we do a lot of the main work.” She explained as she opened up the door to the left and entered into it. Past the doors was a hallway with blue walls and several different doors connected to it, most of which seemed to have glass windows that allowed one to look in at the experiments going on. Currently only about half of the rooms seemed to have anything going on inside them. “A few doors down we can find the chamber where we have been working on the Type: Full project to handle the Ultra Beasts. If things go as planned, Gladion, one of them may end up being yours.” Lusamine continued explaining as they began to make their way down the hallway. “Arent you excited?”

Gladion listened to his mom as he looked around and into the window where experiments were going on, finding the talk of his mom’s expectations of him to be both a boring and unwanted conversation. “Yeah.” He said before looking to both sides in procurar of Lillie to look over at her, only to realize she was on neither side of him. He stopped walking for a segundo before turning around to see that she seemed to have stopped to look through one of the windows and, from the look on her face, it couldn’t have been something she liked. He looked back at his mom. “Mom. Lillie got distracted. I’m going to go get her.” He said before jogging over seguinte to Lillie and grabbed her wrist. “Lillie. Come on. You know what happens when Mom gets upse-” He said, pausing as he looked up at what Lillie was looking at.

Inside the room appeared to be three Aether scientists circling around what appeared to be a cage holding small, cute purple cloud-like Pokemon. The Pokemon seemed to have all sorts of wires, tubes, and electrical devices connected to it and seemed to be in great pain as cries could be faintly heard through the thick laboratory walls. Gladion looked over at it in silence for a segundo before gulping lightly and pulling on Lillie’s arm again. “Lillie… Come on… We don’t want Mom upset…” He said much mais softly this time.

“… Gladion… They are hurting it.” Lillie replied meekly. “Can’t we help it..? You with Zubat, you can help it right?” She asked, looking up at him with teary eyes.

“Children~” Lusamine called out and waved from where she was waiting in the distance. “Come on~ We have things to see. There isn’t anything wrong right?”

Gladion clicked his teeth at the sound of his mom calling out to him before letting out a light breath and roughly pulling Lillie away from the room por the wrist. “Lillie. Even if I was strong enough to help it, we have to leave Mom’s projects alone, otherwise she would get upset.” He said firmly, almost dragging her back over. “We have to go.”

Lillie seemed to silence herself as they drew closer to their mom, quietly wiping her eyes dry a short bit before they made their way back up to her. Lusamine smiled as they walked up. “Oh wonderful. For a segundo I thought my wonderful children were going to defy me. That would have been a nightmare.” She said, cracking a slight crazed grin before chuckling as her smile returned back to normal. “Seems I was just being paranoid. Lets continue moving now.”

The three of them progressed deeper in to the laboratory until they came across to a large locked door, one of which that looked almost as if it was made to handle massive explosions. They came to a stop as Lusamine went over to the key pad and input a pin code. “Remember kids, Mother always loves you.” She chuckled as the door opened. “Now come look at this, and don’t touch anything. Alright?” She smiled at them and turned around as she entered the room.

Inside the room were a few scientists managing and monitoring some of the complex computer systems that were located around a small computer room. Besides the computers, there were two doors leading into a large chamber that could be seen through a reinforced glass window for observations. Just like the large door that lead into this room, the walls seemed heavily reinforced and designed to take a massive amount of damage without breaking. Among the scientists was the leader, Faba, one of the highest executives of the Aether Foundation, and, because of that, one of the members that Gladion and Lillie had met several times in the past. “Faba.” Lusamine said as she walked in, looking around at the computers and then out to the display where one of the Type: Fulls was out, before finally over at Faba. “How has the project been progressing? I brought my little children to come see the work their mother has been handling, especially Gladion here so he could see a future Pokemon of his.”

“Oh Lusamine.” Faba turned around and walked over to her, a loud crash being heard from behind as Type: Full roughly rammed its head into the glass mural that separated it from the scientists. “Type: Full seems to have reached the strength potential that we were hoping for. Having taken in all the advancements we put into it, we have seen it change between the types that we have hoped but the problem is found with how it has been handling this.” Faba turned over to look at Type: Full as it let out a loud screech, seeming to charge up an attack , before Faba sighed as he walked over to the control panel and pressed down on a button, causing a powerful shock to be administered and causing a loud, pained scream to be heard from Type: Full before it seemed to collapse to the ground, almost appearing unconscious or dead. “You see, its seems to go wild and fails to follow any of the orders we have given it. In fact, many times it seems to have intentionally tried to attack us.”

“Oh.” Lusamine replied, seeming to have a bored, bland expression on her face. “Well that’s a problem isn’t it. What an ungrateful monster. We created it, the least it could do is respect us.” She let out a light huff as she looked over at Type: Full.

Slowly Type: Full seemed to get back up on its legs as its eyes seemed to shine brighter suddenly and the pele, peles on its head seemed to glow a deep powerful brown. For a few segundos it seemed to glare down at the ground before jumping back a bit, a dark brown ball forming in the bridge of its mouth. “Professor!” One of the scientists at one of the computers called out. “The biological and temperament readings are leitura way too high. The adrenaline is through the roof and the attack it is charging is going to be a big one.” She called out, seeming to be concerned as she pressed down on the shock button, seeing it didn’t have much of an effect at all. “We can probably take it, but at this rate, if we keep taking attacks like this, it might manage to break thro-” The scientist said, being cut off a very loud crash was heard as the attack slammed itself roughly against the glass, seeming to shake the walls and leave a notable dent in the mural it hit.

Faba frowned slightly as he went over to the computers. “Alright alright. That’s enough for today, administer the-”

“No forget it.” Lusamine interrupted, seeming to be annoyed with the sight that Type: Full put on. “Its disgraceful for it to act like that. Restrain its power, lock it up, and store it away in cryogenic stasis. At least there we know it wont act so ungratefully. There are two others, if this one won’t follow its orders and do what it was intended to do, then there is no point in keeping it.” She scoffed.

Faba looked over at her for a segundo or two before nodding and turning back to the computers as he pressed several buttons. Suddenly out of the walls surrounding Type: Full, several wires, most of which were tipped with a sharp point, shot out, roughly impaling the sides of Type: Full as some let out a sharp shock and others injected a tranquilizer. Upon getting the first few shot into it, Type: Full let out a loud pained screech as it went to try to bite off the deeply hooked in wires, only to quickly find itself rapidly outnumbers and set on the floor, a desperate, scared look being seen in its eyes as various metallic arms seemed to stretch out and place a brown helmet, collar, and lock on its head, making it practically impossible to bite and barely possible to see. Slowly it’s eyes seemed to fade out as its head collapsed onto the ground. “Go in and take it out for cryogensis, tomorrow we will test out the other Type: Full.” Faba said, issuing a few of the scientists to enter the testing chamber before turning back over to Lusamine. “I apologize for that scene, especially in front of your children.”

“Don’t worry about it. I think it served well as an example of a poor behavior.” Lusamine chuckled before turning back to Gladion and Lillie. “Looks like that one won’t be yours darling.”

Gladion remained silent for a bit, having trouble processing what just went down and all that he had heard and seen from the purple cloud-like pokemon to the treatment they gave Type: Full. After a segundo or two, he realized his mom had asked him a pergunta where he shook his head lightly, trying to focus back in, knowing that not responding would be a bad idea. “Yeah…” He said quietly. “Where is it going..?”

“Its going to be placed in cryogenetic stasis, Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante permanently, just like all the others that were ungrateful and betrayed me.” Lusamine chuckled. “Don’t worry. Itll remain there forever as punishment for its behavior. That thing wont be a problem you have to deal with.” She said as she placed her hand on Gladion’s head ruffling it.

“… Thanks.” Gladion replied, turning to look at Lillie out of the corner of her eye, seeing that she seemed to be on the same page as he was. He turned back to his mom. “Can I go back to my room? I was planning on training with Zubat some mais today.” He asked, coming up with a reason to leave this lab as the longer he stayed here, the mais he felt sick to his stomach and the most he wanted to get out.

“Of course. Follow me.” Lusamine said with a smile as she turned to leave the room as she lead them all out of the laboratory.